How Retailers Are Grappling with Supply Chain Disruption

Few economic issues have persisted throughout the pandemic with the intensity of supply chain disruption. But how is the issue affecting retailers as we head into the third full year of the pandemic, which first disrupted global business in spring 2020?

LBMA: Heineken Tackles Supply Chain Crisis

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Hyatt rolling out room keys via Apple Wallet, the New York Mets launching facial ticketing at Citi Field, Foodtown Supermarkets completing a successful pilot with Allegiance Retail Services, and Heineken getting into the Christmas spirit to solve supply chain woes.

Last-Mile Delivery

With Supply Chain in Crisis, Retailers Use Tech-Enabled Processes to Monitor Demand

Demand for e-commerce shopping and fast shipping continues to be high, which puts additional pressure on retailers to fulfill consumers’ needs. As smaller, independent retailers look at how they can handle the upcoming surge, now is the time to utilize cloud-based communication tools like Twilio to keep customers satisfied.

Holiday Insights: Supply Chain Concerns and Mobile Communications

Each month, Street Fight sources experts insights from the businesses in our ecosystem on our theme. This month’s theme is the Hybrid Holidays, and our experts share their takes on navigating supply chain concerns, taking advantage of mobile, and building trust with customers.

How E-Commerce Sites Can Remain Competitive in a Rapidly Accelerating Digital Age

Customer experience isn’t anything new, but new ideas can be applied here, especially in the digital space. The question now revolves around how to create the same welcoming environment you’d create in a physical store online. It can be as simple as choosing colors for your website to elicit certain moods or using certain tech features like a chatbot to welcome customers as they “enter” your store. And it’s about making sure that customers can find your store — and this is where our affiliates become a key part of our strategy.