How Brands Will Select Key Partners in 2019: 5 Key Takeaways from Affiliate Summit West

Robert Glazer: This year’s Affiliate Summit West conference took place earlier this month in Las Vegas. And just like every year, performance marketing experts gathered to see some of the potential challenges and opportunities the space is likely to see in 2019. This year’s conference gave them plenty to chew on. There were five topics, in particular, that I found to be most important. Here’s a closer look at them.

Causal IQ Reimagines Role of Programmatic Solutions Provider, Leveraging Intimate Influencers

Since its launch, Causal IQ has worked quickly to reimagine the role that programmatic solutions providers play in today’s environment. That involves using data and relying heavily on “everyday influencers”—like parents, colleagues, and friends—to authentically reach consumers in target markets.

Indi Tackles Inauthenticity in Influencer Marketing Space

Consumers have grown weary of synchronized sponsored content flooding their Instagram feeds, and brands are being inundated by requests for freebies from self-proclaimed social media stars. That evolution in the influencer marketing space has created an opening that Indi CEO and founder Neel Grover believes his new platform can fill.

Macaroni Kid Leverages Local Influencers to Connect Brands to Consumers

“Our secret sauce is our ability to connect brands with consumers on a local level, via authentic local influencers,” says Macaroni Kid co-founder Eric Cohen. “Other media outlets can plug into an algorithm to target an audience. We have local moms telling other local moms the scoop as they hand out samples.”

Street Fight Daily: Square Embraces Sales and Moves Beyond SMBs, The Staying Power of Email

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… As It Grows, Square Deploys Sales Force to Acquire SMB Customers & Bigger Brands… Selling to Multi-Location Brands: Building on Omnipresent Email… Microsoft Acquires AI Company to Make Cortana and Bots Sound More Human…

Report from RhythmOne Illuminates Efficacy of Influencer Marketing

A recent report aggregating RhythmOne campaign data showed that advertisers who used influencer marketing campaigns in 2017 saw $12.30 in earned media value for every dollar spent.

Customers Who Hop Onto Digital Trends Earliest Less Engaged With Advertisements

Marketers look to trendsetters as “influencers,” but can the influencer be influenced herself? A study recently published in the journal “Marketing Science” suggests that, in fact, early propagators of trends tend to respond less to advertising than latecomers.