Retailers Prepare for Increased Cyber Attacks During Prime Day

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Cyber security experts are warning of increased phishing, ransomware, and social engineering attacks during Amazon’s Prime Day event this week, as more hackers take advantage of the event’s popularity to send credential harvesting emails to unsuspecting consumers. With the frequency of these attacks on the rise, multi-location retailers are beefing up their own digital security protocols and using external marketing channels to distribute warnings to their customers.

Bluefin Wants to Devalue Your Data

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For those not in the know, talk of a company wanting to devalue their company’s data might inspire fears of ruthless competitors coming to steal a precious resource. But in fact, Bluefin, the company whose core mission is devaluing data, does not want to steal your information; it wants to shield your data from that very outcome.

TripleLift Partners with White Ops to Fight Ad Fraud

E-Commerce Security Risks and How to Stay Safe

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Online spending in the US exploded amid COVID. It’s becoming an essential part of the way even mom-and-pop shops do business, and an increasing number of startups are doing away with physical stores entirely. Whether you’re in the latter or the former group, you’ll want to take steps to ensure that your e-commerce shop is a safe place for your clients and their data.

How Retailers Can Tackle Supply Chain Data Risk

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Information security professionals should be included in supply chain management from early planning stages to realization to ensure at-risk data is protected.

Email Security for Small Businesses

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A secure company email account is just as important for small and medium-sized businesses as it is for large enterprises. More often than not, it’s email-based breaches at Fortune 500 companies making the news, but SMBs are targeted by email threats just as often, if not more.

Using Zoom During Covid-19 Lockdown Exposes Users To New Data and Privacy Cyberattacks

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Phishing attempts, coronavirus-themed fraud, and cyberattacks are increasing exponentially as fraudsters pummel organizations of all sizes in their attempts to gain access to sensitive information. They know just where to find that sensitive information, thanks to the inexperienced remote workforce that has been forced to work from home at this time. 

In light of the pandemic, the usage of applications that enable virtual meetings has skyrocketed. One of the worst-hit platforms has been Zoom. Relatively unknown up until a few months ago, its use has soared in ways that the developers did not foresee before the pandemic struck. 

Fortunately, there are steps people can take to keep their information secure.

Risks to Consider When Using Public Wi-Fi

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The next time you stop somewhere to grab a coffee, you should think twice before taking out your phone and looking for available networks. Public Wi-Fi may be a strong positive overall, but there are dangers inherent to using it, and you need to be aware of them. That’s why we’re going to cover them in this piece — so let’s run through them.

Tech Giants and Others Pooling Resources to Support Small Businesses’ Use of Technology

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Big name tech companies including Facebook, Google, Square, SalesForce, Chase Bank, and many others are offering the knowledge they have acquired on the way up to small businesses that might not be getting all the help they need.