Cloud Summit: Cisco Ramps Up Its SaaS Solutions for SMBs

Giant enterprise tech firms like Cisco are well-equipped to provide SaaS services. But in selling to SMBs they have had to re-think the marketing approaches that have worked with larger customers.

At Cloud Summit, a Focus on the Transition to SaaS Services

ReachLocal’s CPO Kris Barton noted that SaaS churn is typically between 6 percent and 22 percent. Media churn is between 39 percent and 86 percent. The key is to provide an integrated marketing system, said Barton: “Sixty-four percent are more likely to use a marketing system when it is integrated with core business systems.”

How the End of Network Neutrality Could Affect SMBs and the Public Interest

For many years, the government’s assessment of the public interest was to encourage Web access to all. The current FCC, however, contends that this position is better met by eliminating the net neutrality rules — that SMBs will be able to have a variety of ISP options based on their actual needs with the end of the net neutrality rules. Acquires Acquisio, Adding to Its Suite of Small Business Products announced today that it is acquiring the assets of Montreal-based Acquisio and adding them to its growing stable of small business digital products. Acquisio brings to the table a data science tools platform that increasingly focuses on artificial intelligence and automation.

The Shift in B2SMB: It’s All About Platforms

Major changes are coming to SMB marketing as the market shifts away from media towards cloud-based services, artificial intelligence, marketing automation and location marketing. This cluster of tech movements represent real opportunities to help SMBs target and engage customers, and become more efficient.

LinkedIn Focuses on Revving Up Its SMB Efforts

“There is a huge market of smaller companies, and it is a fast-growing segment. There is definitely momentum,” says LinkedIn’s independent agency head Ryan Wilson. “But they are often made to feel like second-class citizens. Enterprise companies have been getting all the love.”

Leonsis: New Local Opportunity ‘Where Social, Video and Mobile Intersect’

In a video interview with BIA/Kelsey, online pioneer, Groupon Vice Chair and ILM East Keynoter noted: “It is a much bigger idea than a simple directory or city guide or newspaper.” The next marketplaces are for “socially astute audiences,” he said…