Evocalize Banks $12 Million to Scale its Local Digital Marketing Platform

Seattle-based collaborative marketing startup Evocalize has grabbed $12 million in Series A funding for its data-driven digital marketing solution designed for local businesses and the real estate industry.

Valid Consent: Building Trust and Demonstrating Compliance

Let’s explore how marketers, privacy professionals, and data managers can work together to obtain valid proof of consent, and why it’s critical to activate consent, preferences, and first-party data in a way that honors consumer privacy.

Live Commerce Guides Retailers to Success in the Metaverse

Immerss Co-Founder Patrick Jacobs says his company is working with a number of retailers to leverage live commerce as a way to blend the physical and digital worlds. Jacobs says sales rates with live commerce are on par with or better than in-store conversion rates, and that merchants jumping into live commerce now will be better prepared for the metaverse boom in the future.

What’s Next for Personalization and Digitization in E-Commerce

We’ll see the evolution of two major e-commerce trends in 2022. First, e-commerce retailers will work to make their digital homes less of a copy of every other e-commerce site and more of a destination that users want to spend time at. Second, the line between brick-and-mortar and digital is going to become fuzzier and less defined.

How Do the “Other” Search Engines Handle Local Search?

I wanted to look in particular at search engines other than Google and their treatment of local search. I was intrigued by the recent announcements that Bing was making forays into product inventory as a component of local search as well as the launch of Bing Travel, a Google Travel competitor but with a very different approach to destination-based search and discovery. Similarly, recent news about the exponential growth of Brave and DuckDuckGo in our era of privacy impelled me to find out more about their handling of local results.

Location-Based Marketing Association: Indoor Maps as a Service

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association discusses Catalina partnering with Place IQ, Japanese dating agency Matching Advisor Press using vending machines to find matches, Seattle launching an NFT Museum, and Here Technologies launching Indoor Map as a service.

TV Advertising Versus Social and Search

TV ads are delivered to consumers in a clutter-free environment, where the consumer is usually in a “leaned back,” focused state of being. TV ads are often delivered via 60″+ TV screens with full surround-sound audio, creating an immersive “sight, sound, motion” impact like no other medium. Of course TV drives better recall! And if TV ads drive better recall, basic logic would conclude that TV ads also drive better consumer response.

6 Contactless Shopping Solutions for In-Store Retail

The retail industry took notice when Merkle debuted its newest contactless shopping solution at CES 2022 this month, but the company’s Scan & Know product isn’t the only touchless retail solution on the market. Thanks to the continued adoption of augmented reality and virtual reality among consumers, more technology providers are developing in-store retail experiences that keep physical contact to a minimum.

Catalina Partners with PlaceIQ to Connect Omnichannel with OOH

A new partnership between the shopper intelligence provider Catalina and the data provider PlaceIQ could have a major impact on the way multi-location brands run optimized OOH campaigns in the coming years.

6 Contextual Video Advertising Platforms

Advertisers are leaning into contextual targeting as a way to connect with consumers in brand-suitable environments. They’re also investing more heavily in video advertising, upping ad spend on video by 12% in 2021 to a record $81.9 billion for the year. As we move further into 2022, the real magic looks to be in the combination of contextual advertising with video advertising, as more brands discover the power that comes with being able to reach audiences interested in their messages with video content that’s designed to engage.

2021 Lessons That Should Inform Your 2022 E-Commerce Marketplace Strategy

This digital-first mindset applies more pressure than ever on brands to create a holistic online experience in 2022, one that combines tried and true business strategies with creative new methods for enhanced visibility and customer experience. Success will come down to three critical elements in the year ahead: brand discoverability, compelling offers, and seamless customer experiences.

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Real-Time Data Will Enhance the Customer Experience in 2022

Digital intelligence platforms like Scuba Analytics and FullStory are expanding rapidly — with funding rounds led by some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. Big data analytics is expected to grow to $100 billion in the next five years, driven in large part by demand from retail brands for real-time insights and accurate customer engagement data.

5 Ways Data Privacy Will Evolve in 2022

But the glut of new solutions does not mean that martech, much less the private sector as a whole, has figured out how to prepare for the future of data privacy. Here are five privacy predictions to keep an eye on in 2022. It would be in your best interest to determine how you and your company are affected.

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Street Fight’s January Theme: Multilocation Metaverse

Beyond the hype, multilocation brands and retailers are embracing the metaverse. This month, Street Fight will dive further into the way consumer-facing companies are experimenting with AR and VR to enhance the customer experience, boost their brands, and drive sales.

The Growing Importance of Retail and Second-Party Data

Heading into the New Year, there are many moving pieces for both marketers and publishers to consider. Navigating 2022 requires focusing on first- and second-party data, building symbiotic relationships, and thinking strategically about how best to capture audiences. As always, we’ll stay on our toes. Happy New Year!

Location-Based Marketing Association: Apple Wallet IDs Hit the TSA

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association discusses TSA supporting Apple Wallet IDs starting in June, Locatify and Swiss agency Melt launching location-based audio walking tours, Irish retailers getting into recycling with AI-based reverse vending machines, and Unilever’s Lifebuoy using real-time mobile data to help Indonesians stay safe during Covid.

How AI Is Driving the Next Generation of Ad Creative

Most industries have a healthy fear that artificial intelligence is going to render humans obsolete (and even possibly take over the world). But for the digital advertising industry, if applied the right way, AI has the potential to improve production and performance by making more room for original ideas without stripping away reliance on humans.

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How to Build a Modern Loyalty Program in 2022

Rising prices and ongoing supply issues put brand retailers on the defensive in 2021. Amid shifting goalposts and a quickly evolving retail environment, more marketers are now working to turn their existing loyalty programs into modern membership-based programs that drive long-term relationships with a focus on members themselves.

Integral Ad Science Acquires Context to Power Contextual Video Advertising

When many in adtech think about contextual advertising, they likely now think about privacy and context’s power to drive advertising based on its relevance to user experiences, not granular and sometimes invasive data on user behavior. But advertisers have also prized contextual advertising for years for its ability to connect them with brand-suitable environments.

The Future of CTV Advertising: What Brands Need to Know

With chatter pointing to the fact that we are entering an endemic era globally, many brands and marketers are discussing how to make their ad budgets drive positive outcomes in what may be another tumultuous year ahead. As the number of CTV viewers continues to rise, so will ad spend; the latest projections forecast CTV ad spend to grow by 23% in 2022.