May Focus: Visualizing Local

Street Fight is rolling into May with the theme, Visualizing Local: a look at how marketers are using visual content to boost visibility, presence, and conversions. This includes everything from images in search results and local listings to utilizing increasingly popular social media like Instagram Stories.

Letter From the Editor: Broadening “Local”

Street Fight’s charter for the past nine years has been to chronicle the happenings of, and pull strategic insights from, the world of location-based media and marketing. But this impactful area that we’ve all come to know as simply “local” continues to evolve and expand.

This sparks an ongoing question we ask ourselves: What is “local?” The answer to that question is different depending on whom you ask. To some, it might mean how restaurant ingredients are sourced. To those in the local advertising industry, it might mean “SMB,” and to others, it could mean how ads are targeted. The answer is that all of the above are correct.

April Focus: Automating Local

We’ve kicked off 2019 with themed content for January (Beyond the Screen), February (Word of Mouth), and March (Targeting Location). We now roll into April with Automating Local: a look at how AI is impacting local commerce and marketing. How is it empowering local marketers, and who’s doing what? How are sub-sectors like “retail-as-a-service” bringing AI into retail to transform shopping experiences and empower retailers with new functionality and customer data?

Listen to Podcast: Heard on the Street

Welcome to the New Face of Street Fight

Things are changing rapidly in the world of location-based media and commerce. As a key media and publishing entity at the center of those industries, Street Fight is likewise changing. Over the coming weeks, you’ll notice new things. Our look and feel has changed to better reflect our publishing goals and persona. You may have already noticed a cleaner and more organized layout. We’ll continue to optimize that, including topical filters and categorization for key topics of location technology.

Street Fight’s March Focus: Targeting Location

Our new year’s resolution at Street Fight is to better optimize and structure our publishing and content output. So we’ve launched monthly themes—an editorial focus that zeroes in on key subtopics of location tech and commerce. This thematic approach joins ongoing daily reporting. We’ve already started with themes for January (Beyond the Screen) and February (Word […]