The Importance of Location in Today’s Innovation Dialogue

It’s hard to overstate the importance of location in today’s business innovation dialogue. While consumers are online more than ever before, they continue to live their lives in the physical world. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, while Americans spent $97 billion online in Q2 of this year, offline retail sales amounted to more than $1 trillion. The vast majority of transactions still occur in-store, and that makes location targeting an immensely powerful tool for brands.

The Fight for Leads: How Marketing Agencies Help SMBs

This post is the third in the “Fight for Leads,” a series focused on lead-generation tactics in four key industry verticals: healthcare, automotive, legal and marketing agencies. Sponsored by CallRail. Rarely do local merchants have the time available, let alone sufficient knowledge and expertise, to manage every aspect of their businesses. With so many new digital marketing […]

Starbucks, Poster Child for Geotargeting, Nearly Loses Battle for Local Presence to Dunkin’ Donuts

Sponsored Content: Starbucks is well-known for its digital efforts in other areas: loyalty, check-out, mobile targeting, and push messaging within geofences. But the brand’s attempts at connecting with local customers dragged its Brandscore down.

How Car Marketers Get Customers

Consumers are becoming savvier in the ways they research and purchase new cars, favoring online research over conversations with real world salespeople. So car marketer are using SEO, pay-per-click, third-party directories, and call tracking software to bring in leads. (Sponsored by CallRail)

The Fight For Leads: Healthcare Marketing

Sponsored by CallRail: Healthcare marketers are relying more heavily on a combination of established platforms for call tracking, paid search, and content marketing via social media to educate potential patients.

Sponsored Report: Optimizing Local Presence for Mobile Search

This free report looks puts a focus on key areas that will give marketers an edge: mobile-optimized websites; mobile-optimized SEO; and an attention to basic name/address/phone number information, particularly as it pertains to those “near me” searches. The report also features actionable takeaways with a “7 Strategies for Local Search Success” tip sheet…

Sponsored Content: Enterprise Totally Trounces Hertz in a Battle for Local Marketing Presence

Vehicle rental companies Enterprise and Hertz battled their branding strategies in a Brand Battle that analyzed data accuracy, local search and advertising, reviews, and social engagement. In an industry where service can make all the difference to customers who are often stressed and rushed, Enterprise influenced its consumer base in positive ways, supporting loyalty and growth…

Sponsored Post: Infographic—How SMBs Need to Do Local Marketing

There is no better way for a local business to get its digital marketing in place than through a full understanding of key tools; by linking up with a digital agency; and focusing efforts on one channel that delivers powerful results. For the past four weeks in this space, LocalVox has delivered those insights and hands-on tactics, plus resources to provide SMBs a clear path to getting started and succeeding…

Sponsored Post: 8 Awesome Content Marketing Ideas that Deliver Local Marketing Results

Sometimes making a small adjustment and re-posting a piece can help you extend your reach to a new audience, build a loyal following and even have a direct impact on converting viewers into customers. Seize the opportunity to repurpose, reuse and recycle already-created content in a new way…

Sponsored Post: 5 Social Media Mistakes SMBs Make — and How to Fix Them

Whether an SMB uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and/or Pinterest or other networks, they need to consider the following mistakes they can make and how to successfully navigate the sometimes-choppy waters as they grow their social media presence and customer engagement…

Sponsored Post: How a Digital Agency is Key to SMB Marketing Success

Sometimes local marketing moves to the back burner. The marketing industry moves quickly, and it’s often difficult to keep up with the shifts in consumer behavior, spending, technology, and effectiveness. Fifty-three percent of marketers admit that their primary challenge is the lack of resources and bandwidth needed to stay on top of localization strategies…

Sponsored Post: 9 Mobile Apps That Are Transforming Local Commerce

There is no shortage of business tools and apps available to entrepreneurs today. Technology, now more than ever before, is discovering new ways of solving old problems and enabling retailers and service providers as well as the mighty consumer to reach, share, save, buy, bid, deal, message, post and even make a phone call, anytime and from almost anywhere. …

Sponsored Content: One Fitness Brand Flexes Mobile Muscle to be Found by Local Customers

Growth in health and fitness related apps is 87% faster than other industries and because of the New Year, overall search traffic is at a high. We compared 24-Hour Fitness and L.A. Fitness to see which brand could best KO Local.

Sponsored Content: Hyperlocal Strategy Updates Needed for Two National Drug Store Chains

This month’s Brand Battle, in conjunction with Brandify, compares the local digital marketing footprint of two of the country’s largest pharmacy chains: CVS and Walgreens. The contest was close on several counts, but Walgreens emerged as the winner, edging CVS in five of the six categories evaluated.

Sponsored Content: With Banks, There’s a Brand Battle on Every Corner

This month’s Brand Battle, in conjunction with Brandify, compares the local-social engagement strategies of two of the U.S.’ largest banks: Bank of America and Chase. The contest was close on several counts, but Chase emerged as the winner, with social engagement the determining factor in this matchup.

Sponsored Content: Localizing Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

After getting listed in online directories, setting up SEO-optimized websites, and creating profiles on popular social channels, running a PPC campaign is the next logical step for local business marketers. This post is part of a series on strategies in local digital marketing, sponsored by Mediative.

Sponsored Content: 6 Strategies for Success in Social Media

Business owners should be developing comprehensive social marketing strategies. Those merchants who haven’t taken the first step by creating Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for their businesses are losing out on customer loyalty, as well as new opportunities for growth.

Sponsored Content: Ad Improvements Could Strengthen Local Appeal of Costco, Sam’s Club

Members of the wholesale retail chains Sam’s Club and Costco swear by the low costs that come with buying in bulk, and locations cater their offerings to the local market. But these two companies could take a fresh look at their branding strategies and interactions with customers.