Sponsored Report: Optimizing Local Presence for Mobile Search

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Optimizing Your Local Presence for Mobile Search - feature image

Despite the fact that 88% of Google’s “near me” searches take place on a mobile device, a sorry majority of marketers are not fully prepared for the mobile consumer. At least half of marketers of all sizes don’t have mobile-optimized sites; many more have incorrect location information perpetuated across the Web. To succeed in local—to stand out, be found, and make the register ring—marketers need a strategy that aims their local presence at a moving, mobile market.

“Once you realize the majority of your customers are integrating a mobile device into their shopping habits, the need for a definitive mobile marketing strategy becomes clear,” wrote Bernadette Coleman, CEO of Advice Local, on Forbes.com earlier this year. In local search, mobile is where the action is, delivering consumers ready to eat, shop, play, learn, connect.

Street Fight Insights and Advice Local partnered to produce a report that draws a clear line between the mobile platform and a local strategy in the report, “The Mobile Curtain: Optimizing Your Local Presence for Mobile Search.” This free report puts a focus on key areas that will give marketers an edge: mobile-optimized websites; mobile-optimized SEO; and an attention to basic name/address/phone number information, particularly as it pertains to those “near me” searches. The report also features actionable takeaways with a “7 Strategies for Local Search Success” tip sheet.

Next month will see the release of Apple’s seventh generation of the iPhone. Will marketers finally begin to catch up?

Download “The Mobile Curtain: Optimizing Your Local Presence for Mobile Search” now!