Last-Mile Delivery

Inside the Last-Mile Delivery Crunch

High shipping costs, late deliveries, and lost or stolen packages aren’t uncommon during the busy holiday period, but this year feels different. The so-called shippageddon that retailers are bracing for is creating new worries and new opportunities for creative brands to rise to the top.

What Does the Arrival of Approximate Location Mean for Granular Ad Targeting?

Tucked into ​​Android’s latest privacy update is a change that many marketers didn’t see coming. Smartphone owners with Android 12 or higher now have the option to ​share “approximate” location instead of precise location, restricting app developers from accessing their exact whereabouts in real-time.

Heap Journey Maps

Heap’s Journey Maps Show How Consumers Navigate Digital Experiences

Heap is rolling out a new data science tool designed to help teams understand how users navigate digital experiences. The “Journey Maps” tool is the latest addition to Heap’s suite of data science tools, designed to surface high-impact insights about user behavior on consumers’ websites and digital products.


Will Audio-Only OOH Be 2021’s Biggest Ad Trend?

The Trade Desk’s recent decision to expand its omnichannel demand-side platform (DSP) to support audio out-of-home (AOOH) through partnerships with Vistar Media and Vibenomics is just the latest in a string of high-profile moves in the audio marketing space. With an extension of OpenRTB integrations to include audio-only OOH, The Trade Desk is moving into the forefront as the first omnichannel DSP to support the extension and allow advertisers to programmatically purchase audio inventory from networks like Vibenomics.

6 Ways Brands Are Leveraging Human-to-Human Marketing in 2021

The ultimate goal with human-to-human marketing is to tap into consumers’ emotions by using real people to engage potential customers. Advancements in technology, and growth in the gig economy, have made human-to-human marketing a more realistic—and affordable—option for brands this year. As the holidays draw closer and brands rethink how they’ll connect with targeted consumers in the coming months, this is a strategy more brands are considering.

5 Headless Commerce Solutions for Retailers

Headless commerce is one of the latest innovations to hit the retail industry, offering both online and offline retailers the opportunity to decouple the purchasing and payments experience from their websites while also giving shoppers the ability to complete transactions from almost anywhere.

Cidewalk Expands to Bring Mobile Marketing to Local Businesses Overseas

In response to growing demand for digital marketing services outside the U.S., Cidewalk is extending its platform reach to cover all countries. CEO Venkat Kolluri says the decision to expand globally was made in response to the growing demand from businesses for lightweight, easy-to-use digital marketing channels to target consumers online at any location.

Fast Brings New Headless Checkout Capabilities to Live Events

Buyers can purchase a seller’s product in one click, directly from a Fast Checkout button on a review page, an email, or another digital avenue. That means Fast’s new headless checkout system could be a big payday for certain digital publishers and bloggers as well as live events.

Reveal Mobile Acquires OOH Location Intelligence Startup Mira

The acquisition creates what Reveal describes as the first ad tech SaaS platform to provide attribution reports for online-to-offline, offline-to-online, and offline-to-offline marketing campaigns. The company will be bringing Mira’s entire team onboard.

Yelp Guest Manager

Yelp Introduces Guest Manager, A Front-of-House Operations Tool for Restaurants

Yelp today introduced a new, comprehensive solution for restaurants to manage their front-of-house operations. With online searches for takeout remaining above pre-pandemic levels, the new Yelp Guest Manager is being billed as a comprehensive solution that brings together many of the digital tools restaurants have been using to manage digital ordering, reservations, takeout, guest loyalty, and table management.

5 User-Generated Content Platforms for SMBs

As Google expands the local search experience to encompass more aspects of the customer journey, user-generated content is coming into play as one of the most important ranking factors for small and mid-size businesses.

Brands Rethink Return Policies to Build Customer Loyalty

If generous return policies aren’t sustainable from a financial perspective, and restrictive return policies lead to high rates of customer churn, what’s the solution?

Merchants React to New Data Theft Concerns

As more digital marketing and customer management solutions come online, security breaches are happening with increasing frequency. The threat is becoming a real issue for merchants, who are now faced with growing concerns among consumers and tightened privacy restrictions from government controllers.

QR Code

Could QR Code Menus Pose a Risk to Merchants?

Tableside QR codes have nearly eradicated germy menus, but they may have opened the door to a new threat that businesses didn’t see coming: data fraud.

Convenience Stores Adapt Marketing Efforts for EV Era

The market for electric vehicles is growing steadily, with automakers like Tesla, Ford, and VW helping to boost demand across much of the country. As consumer habits in the auto industry evolve, and the share of fossil fuel-powered cars on the road decreases, gas stations and convenience stores are adapting their marketing strategies for a new electric-first future.

GoDaddy’s Marketing Planner Helps SMBs Prepare for Holidays

The holidays are still months away, but GoDaddy is betting that more small and mid-size businesses will be taking a proactive approach and starting their seasonal marketing campaigns earlier this year than in the past. The company recently launched a new marketing planner designed to make it easier for businesses to keep track of holidays and promotional opportunities.

Killi Rebrands as Reklaim to Increase Data Transparency for Consumers

Three years after its debut, the consumer data startup Killi is relaunching under a new name — Reklaim. The name reflects the company’s mission to help consumers reclaim control of their data, and it comes at a time of rapidly expanding demand for privacy-compliant data.

back-to-school kids

Retailers Use AI to Mine Social Data for Back-to-School Trends

Students across the country are returning to the classroom this month — some for the first time in more than a year. While early indications show strong late-summer back-to-school sales, retailers aren’t leaving anything up to chance. Widespread confusion around health policies, safety protocols, and required supplies that can vary by school are leading retailers to rely on social media and artificial intelligence to collect information on emerging themes and trends.

G2 Brings Yelp’s Peer Advice Model to Software Reviews

G2 is a software marketplace that publishes reviews from actual software users, rather than relying on industry analysis. The company recently raised $157 million in Series D funding from investors including Hubspot Ventures, Salesforce Investors, and LinkedIn.

Idomoo Launches Interactive Video Platform

Could highly personalized interactive video become the primary way that businesses communicate with customers in the future? That’s what the team at Idomoo is betting on. The company is launching a fully open, enterprise-grade platform called Living Video that will enable businesses to automatically update videos in real-time based on context and user input.