Raptive Connects Brands to Diverse Creator Media Street Fight

Raptive Connects Brands to Diverse Creator Media

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When Raptive, which describes itself as a “creator media” company, launched Raptive Represents earlier this month to provide direct access to premium, diverse creator media at scale, it was also part of its partnership with Media Framework’s Media Advertising Vendor Encoding & Nomenclature (MAVEN).

MAVEN helps buyers understand which media are majority-owned and controlled by diverse owners and supplies certificates so that the agencies can report to corporate and government advertisers on supplier diversity.

Raptive Represents is working with clients in industries ranging from banking to healthcare, auto, and CPG. It provides brands with a certified, approved channel for DE&I media buying.

Brands can confidently work with more than 500 diverse content creators’ premium websites across 27 content categories focused on reaching diverse audiences in everything from food, family, and home to travel, personal finance, and tech.

Marla Newman, EVP of Partnerships at Raptive, sat down with StreetFight to provide more details.

How will this partnership with MAVEN help clients of Raptive?

Raptive is the #1 destination for advertisers to connect with diverse Creators within a premium-content environment. Properties owned by Raptive’s diverse Creators reach more than 58M unique visitors every month. MAVEN, a diversity-discovery and reporting platform, has the most comprehensive, vetted, and validated diverse-owned media database in the industry, and they’re working with us to verify Raptive Creators. Through these partnerships, we’ll build collaborations between brands and diverse Creators and new opportunities for success.

Can you define what you mean by Creator Media? 

Creator Media is the advertising available on Creators’ owned channels — primarily their websites. Raptive Creators are independent publishers who each have their own distinct websites that are core to their audience connection. Creators build deep, personal relationships with their audiences that can’t be replicated by large brands. As a media company built for Creators, Raptive is able to provide advertisers access — at scale — to both this culturally relevant content and Creators’ highly engaged audiences.

Who are some of the most famous creators that MAVEN promises to reach?

There are hundreds of Creators participating in this initiative – a few you may know are Gina Homolka (Skinnytaste), Bola Sokunbi (Clever Girl Finance), Yumna Jawad (Feel Good Foodie), and Jenne Claiborne (Sweet Potato Soul).

What is the cumulative estimated audience for this type of media? 

Raptive Creators reach 191MM unique users on their websites every month. Raptive is also the #1 destination in food, family, home, and lifestyle programming on the internet. Based on our data, Creator Media is a multi-billion dollar industry on the web that is growing fast.

How and why has Creator media become an important aspect of marketing?

Creators are the brands of the moment and of the future. Raptive creators excel at human connection. The relationships they forge with their audiences provide entertainment, information, and inspiration. It is personal and potent. Creators meet their audiences where they are — from sharing the best vegan flour for pancakes to the top tips for traveling solo. Authentic, tested, relevant content will always be a welcome antidote to the anonymous, one-size-fits-all of big, faceless media brands.

Is it more prevalent in different parts of the country? In other words, are there more creators in places like L.A. than elsewhere? 

The beauty of Creator media is that you can be anywhere in the world and create content, build a following, and build a business. It’s a truly democratic process. The Raptive network has 5,000+ Creators across all 50 states and around the world. One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is the ability to connect with a like-minded community, no matter where you —or they —are in the world.

What’s the hottest trend or issue right now in the creator space? 

Diversification. Creators want to scale their audiences and monetize their brands, and it turns out that websites are the most effective way to build a lasting digital content business.

A recent study with Nielsen found that websites command attention, with 70% higher ad-recall rates than social media. Creator websites, in particular, are seen as more engaging than Instagram while being over 50% more inspiring, useful, and trustworthy. We learned that audiences are more influenced by recommendations on Creator websites and feel more positive about that content. Additionally, 58% of people aged 18-34 sometimes feel “a stronger connection to a creator you follow than to your real-life friends.” Here’s the news: Websites still matter.

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