Chatmeter Advances Multi-Location Reputation Management with Pulse AI: Signals

Chatmeter Advances Multi-Location Reputation Management with Pulse AI: Signals

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Chatmeter, a leader in reputation management and multi-location intelligence, unveiled Pulse AI: Signals, a tool that leverages AI to provide real-time, actionable insights from customer commentary. This recently released solution marks a shift in how multi-location businesses can approach reputation management, setting new standards.

Real-Time Insights for Multi-Location Businesses

Traditionally, multi-location brands relied on keyword-matching sentiment analysis and Net Promoter Score surveys to gauge customer sentiments. However, Chatmeter’s Pulse AI: Signals takes this a step further by allowing these businesses to pose any question directly into the platform. Signals then analyzes reviews, social media, and surveys, delivering precise information in real time, backed by comprehensive data.

According to John Mazur, CEO of Chatmeter, “We’re in a new era for multi-location brands. Every brand is at risk of their next mention going viral and costing them millions in revenue before they’re even able to respond. Not anymore, thanks to Signals and its pioneering use of generative AI.”

Empowering Businesses with Actionable Data

Chatmeter has been at the forefront of reputation management, introducing advanced sentiment analysis in 2017. Now, with Pulse AI: Signals, the platform has taken another leap forward by utilizing generative AI to empower multi-location businesses in several key ways including informed decision-making, deeper customer understanding, and advanced data processing

Richard Clarke, senior manager of loyalty and guest feedback at Northland Properties, attests to the transformative power of Chatmeter’s insights. “Armed with Chatmeter’s insightful data, we’ve made swift and effective changes to elevate the guest experience. As a result, we’ve enjoyed future bookings, repeat stays, and greater guest loyalty.”

Cutting-Edge Technology Behind Signals

Chatmeter’s Chief Technology Officer, Dan Cunningham, emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering beyond standard AI capabilities. “While many companies use AI to automate basic tasks, Chatmeter is using multiple, best-of-breed large language models, including internal models trained on our own data, to deliver actionable insights in real time.”

Signals is not just about general sentiment and search; it delves into specific topics crucial for multi-location businesses, such as product feedback, customer satisfaction, facilities operations, critical business risks, and regional strengths and weaknesses.

Signals is currently available to Chatmeter customers with it’s Performance and Intelligence bundles. The company plans to roll out additional Pulse AI features later in 2024, further enhancing its capabilities.

George Wolf is a senior writer at Street Fight. who has a passion for technology as it relates to local merchants and national brands. He is particularly interested in the constant evolution of the privacy landscape.