Flashtalking Social Ads Manager Includes Social Media Activation

Flashtalking Social Ads Manager Includes Social Media Activation

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Omnichannel advertising platform Mediaocean has deepened its relationship with Google, striking a unique deal as it relates to the former’s Flashtalking Social Ads Manager (in the past known as Scope by 4C).

For the first time, brand marketers who access the Flashtalking Social Ads Manager, an independent tech platform, will be able to activate against Google inventory within the same system, including all social inventory and platform access (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snap, Twitter, and TikTok). Brands can serve personalized creative ads across omnichannel campaigns and do it at scale.

The deal with Google enables the platform to use dynamic creative optimization to greater potential and enable robust campaign management.

For example, Flashtalking Social Ads Manager can extend brand and performance campaigns to Google as part of the omnichannel media mix. It can automate data-feed information such as product pricing, availability, and event line-ups directly into creative content. It can tap into scaled creative and quick iterative versioning across personalized messaging and formats. And it can work within an enhanced, simplified workflow across all steps of ad building, campaign activation, measurement, and optimization.

According to Mediaocean’s “2023 Mid-Year Advertising Outlook,” the number of people using social media platforms worldwide has reached nearly five billion (more than half the global population). To that end, Mediaocean expects spending across social media to increase up to 25% or more this year.

“As social media continues to dominate digital media consumption, more than half of marketers say they will increase spending to remain competitive,” the report said.

The Flashtalking Social Ads Manager platform is aligned with Mediaocean, whose advertising infrastructure for planning, buying, billing, and reporting is used globally. We asked Flashtalking for additional details on the client benefits and they provided the following:

How is Flashtalking Social Ads Manager different from Scope by 4C?

They are the same. We have rebranded the Scope product and built it into the Flashtalking platform.

Which clients are now using this offering in their omnichannel campaigns?

The following case studies highlight Flashtalking Social Ads Manager and its functionality:

  • Camping World used the Weather Sync feature to target 8 US cities with the highest population and the most annual snowfall. Depending on weather condition predictions, an ad was triggered with language around preparing for the bad weather.
  • Thums Up leveraged the Sport Sync to trigger specific messages to run after live moments during Indian Premier League. Relevant creative variations were synced to run after coin tosses, match wins, losses, etc. This helped the Thums Up team affirm brand association and align with their philosophy of participating in the excitement and events their consumers care about.
  • Tata Motors leveraged Sport Sync to create a second screen experience and reach users on social while the match was live. Creative was triggered to run after pivotal moments during the match, such as “player hits a four” or “score reaches 100.” By syncing their ads to live events, Tata Motors was able to capitalize on the excitement of the tournament and supplement its TV presence with social touchpoints that resonated with its audience.

Have clients been asking for the ability to scale social media ads and expand them into Google?

Yes, clients are looking to replicate the performance of their paid social campaigns and extend their ads across other platforms, especially when it comes to premium content and video formats.

Why is the Google expansion beneficial?

Expanding with Google allows clients to manage all the major closed ecosystems through one central console.

Can you give me an example of a multi-location, hyperlocal marketing campaign that has used the latest Flashtalking?

Century 21 used Flashtalking to create 11,000+ personalized ads for real estate agents based on location in an automated fashion, saving them 90% of their time and improving video ad-completion rates by 17%.”

Kathleen Sampey