Reveal Mobile Launches OOH Measurement Platform

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The location intelligence and geofencing marketing software company Reveal Mobile launched a self-service out of home measurement platform this morning. The platform delivers insights for “traditional, digital, place-based, programmatic, and moving OOH ad campaigns,” according to the company.

The launch of the product, called Mira Console, comes as many marketers look to OOH to reach customers on the move, capitalizing on location data to assess the performance of real-world campaigns and leveraging programmatic to dynamically purchase ads relevant to mobile consumers.

Mira Console caters to both the buy and sell sides of OOH. That means advertisers will use it to measure the effectiveness of their OOH investments, while publishers will be able to tout results to drive media purchases.

“One of the first customers to adopt the new platform is Adomni, the programmatic OOH specialist that makes more than 500,000 screens purchasable to advertisers across the United States,” Reveal Mobile indicated.

What’s new in out-of-home advertising?

OOH is facing many of the same questions as the rest of marketing. How can it be transacted on more easily, which is to say, programmatically? How can buyers trust that their media purchases are targeted and effective? How are privacy changes affecting location data-dependent measurement?

The OOH market is expected to grow from $6m in 2020 to as much as $15m in 2026. Propelling that growth will be programmatic purchasing capabilities, digital screens that allow for customization and flexibility, and measurement solutions like Reveal Mobile’s.

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