Adriel Raises $13 Million Series B to Power Multi-Channel Marketing

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The all-in-one digital marketing platform Adriel announced this morning that it had raised $13 million in Series B funding to scale its platform into an “end-to-end ad operations system.” Shinhan Venture Investment led the round, which followed a 2019 Series A worth $4 million.

I checked in with Adriel CEO Sophie Eom to discuss multi-channel marketing strategy and how Adriel is helping its clients achieve marketing goals in a fragmented ecosystem of many channels and data sources.

Why do brands need multiple digital marketing channels now, and how has the need for a multi-channel strategy evolved over time?

The explosion of ad networks following the rapid growth of web-based platforms and social media was the first to give rise to multichannel marketing strategies. Apple’s decision to phase out the IDFA, which rendered reliant platforms like Facebook much less effective in targeting users and creating lookalike audiences, placed multichannel marketing on the map. Since then, brands have had to really invest in diversifying and expanding the number of digital marketing channels to reach their audience.

The challenges in STP marketing will only intensify, as Google now plans to [downgrade] its unique identifier. Brands will have to continue embracing a multichannel strategy, and solutions like ours are designed to help teams optimize and scale efficiently.

What are the challenges a multi-channel digital marketing strategy presents?

With each digital marketing channel offering a unique set of ad targeting tools and auction dynamics to reach different audiences, it’s incredibly difficult to methodically optimize performance based on KPIs and do so at scale. The average brand advertiser on our platform manages 20 ad accounts and has active campaigns running across nine channels to optimize for various primary KPIs such as click-through rate, cost per click, cost per conversion, and more. The marketplaces are super dynamic, so optimizing for all KPIs across every channel is impossible without large teams running around the clock.

How does Adriel help brands confront those challenges?

Brands can connect their data sources to Adriel’s dashboard and gain instant access to a bird’s eye view of cross-channel metrics unified under a single data model. This makes it easier for brands to figure out what worked and didn’t so that they can adjust the marketing mix accordingly without having to spend hours putting together reports and combing through data points.

How will the funding change Adriel’s ability to serve your customers?

We will continue investing in our product roadmap, including features that enable a two-way integration with ad networks and platforms, a more agile collaboration between teams and stakeholders, and more. This allows us to better serve our customers who are growing their teams and expanding the breadth of ad networks they work with to reach their audience.

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