5 Gen Z and Millennial Social Shopping Trends for the Holidays

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Marketers gearing up for the holiday shopping season will no doubt be looking to court Gen Z and millennials, and much of that courting will take place on social apps. To instruct brands on where and how to speak to their fellow kids, here are five Gen Z and millennial preferences captured by a survey of more than 500 consumers by StitcherAds.

Social ads drive product discovery

Sixty-three percent of millennials, 56% of Gen Xs, and 52% of Gen Zs say they’ve tried a new brand or product based on a social ad.

Video beats text

Of course, video does not beat text for every use case. But on the whole, it resonates more than text with younger generations. For example, 63% of Gen Z say they’re more likely to click on a social ad with video than on other ads.

Mobile beats desktop

Seventy-nine percent of millennials say theya re more likely to click on a personalized ad on mobile over desktop. Seventy-one percent of Gen X and 59% of Gen-Z said the same.

Instagram is king (or queen)

Despite the TikTok and Snapchat craze, Instagram is still the best or just about the best channel on which to reach younger consumers. Fifty-nine percent of Gen Z say Instagram is the most likely social channel to influence their purchase decisions (TikTok came in second at 57%).

Buy Now, Pay Later resonates with the youths

Sixty percent of millennials and 57% of Gen Z said they’ve purchased products that were advertised on social as having a buy now, pay later option. Thirty-seven percent of Gen X and 19% of Baby Boomers said the same.

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