Garnering Love, Not Likes: Advertising on Instagram

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One of the most noteworthy benefits of today’s digital advertising landscape is the variety that comes with testing and choosing which social media platforms resonate most with your brand. If you have decided Instagram is the clear winner for social advertising, keep the many pros and cons of the mobile-friendly platform in mind. 

Demographics and Why They Matter

Seventy-two percent of Instagram users are 15 to 35 years old. This younger fan base is ideal for businesses in retail, subscription services, and music, but may not be relevant to industries seeking an older audience like businesses pertaining to auto, financial services, and healthcare.

Before you hit the “Publish” button, it’s crucial you know whom you’re advertising to. Focus on data-driven insights and pinpoint exactly who your audience is within Facebook Ads Manager using the Facebook Audience Insights tool. You may be surprised by what you find — perhaps your male-driven brand tends to skew toward a larger female audience on Instagram. 

Think Globally

While Instagram was founded in the US, 89% of users are outside the platform’s home country. Global leaders of the pack include Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Russia. Businesses with a world-wide presence must keep this in mind, creating content that resonates with targeted users from a variety of countries. 

Tips and Tricks: Things To Know About Your Ads

Think quality over quantity. When initially launching your ads on Instagram, keep it simple. A/B testing is a surefire way to better understand what users will positively react to, and what works and doesn’t work for your ad. Unsure of what to test first? We recommend experimenting with different target audiences, copy, or different variations of media. 

Content may be king, but engaging visuals are the moneymakers. Users flock to Instagram for inspiration and discovery, and they expect the same when they see an ad. Just because you’re paying for placement does not mean that your quality of content can falter. Stop the scrollers in their tracks with high-quality photography or video, killer copy, and a purposeful Call-To-Action.

Be Smart With Metrics

Sure, likes are great to receive on Instagram, but they’re certainly not the end-all-be-all for campaign success. When running ads on the platform, keep a close eye on the metrics that truly matter, and measure your performance in meaningful ways. If you’re running an ad with a focus on garnering leads, direct your energy toward achieving a low cost per lead. Likewise, if you’re running a campaign focused on brand awareness, be sure to track the number of impressions your campaign has received over time and monitor brand recall lift. The key is tracking your numbers and applying your learnings to your next campaign. 

Don’t Forget About Stories

There are 400 million users watching Instagram Stories each day, and a third of the most-viewed Stories come from businesses. Leveraging Instagram Stories Ads is indispensable. 

With social ad spend projected to continue its growth year-over-year, Instagram is a clear choice to elevate your brand’s creativity and drive your business objectives. 

Alex Serrano joined Tiger Pistol with extensive experience in social media content creation, advertising, and reporting. As a Marketing Services Specialist for Tiger Pistol, she works closely with the global brand team, overseeing social strategy and reporting for a variety of clients.