Apps Dominate Mobile Holiday Shopping

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App fatigue, the feeling that a consumer simply cannot add yet another corporate app to her phone at a time when all enterprises seem to be competing for a place on mobile displays, is a major roadblock to successful app-based mobile strategies for retailers. But data from this holiday shopping season suggests that consumers are willing to download apps for the right incentives.

During the holidays, app installs have increased by 94% compared to the average install rate for 2019. What’s more, once downloaded, apps are actually leading users all the way down the path to purchase. Twenty-five percent of users who installed an app during Cyber Week, the period including Black Friday and Cyber Monday from Nov. 28 (Thanksgiving) to Dec. 3 (Giving Tuesday), made an in-app purchase.

That’s according to data collected by mobile commerce company Button. The company analyzed millions of transactions across 300 publishers and brands from a range of industries.

Button also found that US holiday spend is up 189% on the rest of 2019. Apps dominate the spend allocated to mobile, as conversion rates are a whopping 86% higher in apps than on the mobile web.

As for product categories, electronics topped the charts for Cyber Week spending. Home supplies were the second most popular category, followed by kids products as well as sports and outdoor materials.

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