Cutting-Edge Cannabis Trends in an Industry That Just Keeps Growing

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock in recent years, or are a hermit deciding just this very moment to reenter society, you must have heard of the little marijuana plant and the booming industry it’s made for itself. The current craze for cannabis has been a long time coming, and as someone who studied agriculture in college, it was only natural for me to fall into this industry.

I am Hanna Brands, the co-founder of Autumn Brands, a Santa Barbara area cannabis cultivation company. I make it a priority to stay on top of the ever-changing trends of the cannabis industry. A plant that is no longer being grown roadside and smoked out of fruit bongs (unless you’re into that), the 2019 version of cannabis can seem a little intimidating to the average (Mary) Jane. Below are the top trends that I’ve noticed are gaining popularity with cannabis users.


The ethos behind microdosing is the desire to reap the benefits of cannabis without the sometimes intense psychoactive side effects of the plant. Some people say that smoking or ingesting cannabis causes them to feel anxious, or even have panic attacks, and that is where the microdosing side comes into play.

Too much of a good thing can occasionally cause it to backfire and have the opposite effect, and microdosing cannabis can help greatly with decreasing anxiety as well as depression, pain, ADHD/ADD, and a large variety of chronic illness management. 

Women Are Using Cannabis

Obviously, men have not been the sole cannabis users until 2019, but there is quite a large rise in women embracing cannabis as a wellness resource as well as socially. Women are using cannabis to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea, and other personal needs. 

Baby Boomers

Once seen as public enemy #1 of the fight to legalize, Baby Boomers are just now starting to ride the wave and tap into the benefits of marijuana. As more and more information is coming out about the holistic and wellness benefits of marijuana, the boomers are the ones who can truly appreciate cannabis, as they are dealing with the health effects of aging.

Cannabis topicals, like balms and creams, are perfect for treating aches and pains, like those that come with arthritis. Older buyers also appreciating the more social side of the plant, and are smoking recreationally now, too. 

Sustainable and Ethical Growing Practices

 As 2019 continues, it’s become obvious that this is the year of health, and that extends to where our health products are coming from. Being seen all over the agriculture world, sustainable gardening practices are ranking high in importance when people are deciding which products to put into their body.

This body consciousness is obviously a good thing, and the weed industry is becoming increasingly ethical. Cannabis is a plant that absorbs from everything in the environment in which it was grown, so making sure your kush is pesticide-free before you light up is becoming habit for most people. 

Cannabis is an industry that plans to stick around for the long haul, and like any industry, the popular trends determining what sells and to whom will not stay the same from one season to the next.