5 CRM Platforms for the Cannabis Industry

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As the cannabis industry explodes, a growing number of technology vendors are narrowing their focus and launching targeted platforms for dispensaries, growers, brands, and marijuana delivery startups. Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are in particular demand right now given the unique regulations and restrictions that businesses in the marijuana industry face when it comes to marketing and customer outreach.

Growers and dispensaries in certain states are required to submit reports that include information about their customers and sales to governing bodies. How easy, or difficult, these reports are to generate depends on the CRM platform that the business is using, and those platforms designed for marijuana businesses specifically tend to make the process as efficient as possible. Certain hurdles exist when it comes to cannabis-specific privacy laws, as well, which tend to be easier for dispensaries to navigate when they use CRM platforms designed for their industry.

Here are five examples of CRM platforms designed for businesses in the cannabis industry, along with details about what makes each of these platforms unique. Also, if you want to find a great Cannabis business you can check out i49.net/carbon-dioxode-generators-for-growing-marijuana/.

1. Baker – Helping dispensaries build stronger customer relationships
Designed to help dispensaries grow their businesses and build stronger relationships with their customers, Baker is a cannabis CRM that automatically collects customer information for its users. Dispensaries are encouraged to launch loyalty programs as a way to collect customer information, which they can then use to send targeted marketing messages at optimal times. Dispensaries can also segment their customers by their shopping habits or their favorite products and use relevant messaging to bring in traffic during slow days. Baker can be used to add ecommerce ordering to a dispensary’s website as well.

2. SpringBig — Creating marketing campaigns in the marijuana industry
As a CRM designed specifically for marijuana dispensaries, SpringBig includes a number of unique features and tools for managing customer service, sales, and marketing. For example, dispensaries can combine SpringBig’s CRM platform with text marketing and their existing POS system to generate targeted promotional campaigns that are based on insights into inventory performance and sales. SpringBig’s CRM also has tools to help business owners stay compliant with cannabis-specific privacy laws and other marketing regulations.

3. WebJoint — Keeping cannabis business compliant
WebJoint offers software for dispensaries, delivery services, and brands in the cannabis industry. The company says its software was designed to help marijuana businesses become self-sufficient and stay compliant with state regulations. Dispensaries and other retail outlets can manage their inventories through the platform and sync to their in-store POS systems and e-commerce websites. Because cannabis taxes can be complicated, WebJoint has automated taxes. It syncs its users’ business data with METRC in real-time, so every transaction, PO, and inventory reconciliation is logged and reports can be generated in just a few clicks.

4. Soros — Streamlined operations for cannabis producers and processors
A back-office solution for cannabis producers and processors, Soros was designed to streamline operations so business owners can automate daily tasks. Soros integrates CRM, sales and fulfillment, inventory management, and business analytics, as well as seed-to-sale traceability. Soros’ software was custom built for the cannabis industry, providing users with complete historical records of every product ever bought by their own customers. Like all good CRM platforms, Soros centralizes customer information and generates customer-specific reports and analytics.

5. PipelineDeals — Promoting customer loyalty in the cannabis business
Although PipelineDeals’ CRM platform was designed for businesses in a number of industries, its cannabis-specific CRM solution is picking up traction among dispensaries. Designed to meet the needs of those in the marijuana industry, PipelineDeals’ cannabis CRM keeps contacts in order with full sales pipeline tracking. This makes it easier for business owners to track activity and take action. The CRM solution generates sales reports and other insights for its users, as well as giving businesses the open free space to record customer interactions for future reference. In addition to its web-based platform, PipelineDeals can be accessed through native iOS and Android apps.

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