WeQ Launches Influencer Agency, Backing up Influencers with Analytics

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Global mobile advertising firm WeQ announced on Tuesday that it’s launching an agency dedicated to influencers, aiming to pair the analytical power of a broader ad tech firm with the new possibilities for branding offered by the influencer sector of the digital marketing industry.

“Influencer marketing is booming with a projected $10 billion to be invested in endorsed ads in 2019,” the company stated in a press release Tuesday morning. “What sets WeQ INFLUENCERS apart is that on top of branding, they also focus on tracking, attribution and KPI-driven results, to offer high-impact results that will reach 100 million highly-targeted users in 2019.”

Co-founders Elena Kutsopal and Olga Wese will take the helm of the nascent agency. The two boast wide-ranging experience in digital marketing, gaming, and the management of influencer and mobile campaigns specifically.

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