Street Fight Daily: Facebook to Cut Off Third-Party Data Oct 1, Amazon Wants to Monopolize the Smart Home

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Ad Buyers Prepare for Headaches as Facebook Cuts Off Third-Party Data (Digiday)
Advertisers will have to piece together their own third-party data deals from a company like Oracle if they didn’t have any in place already. The wrinkle is that advertisers aren’t really sure how much they were previously paying for that data when Facebook was the one managing those deals.

Report: Voice Tech Not Meeting Consumer Expectations (Street Fight)
“When looking at this data, it’s clear that enterprises simply don’t understand consumer expectations when it comes to voice, or how frequently they’re already relying on the technology to make their everyday lives better,” explains Matt Chotin, senior director, technical evangelism at AppDynamics.

Amazon Announces Slew of Voice-Activated Products, Leading the Way on Voice (Recode)
A top Amazon executive spent more than 80 minutes at a press event on Thursday unveiling a dizzying array of new voice-powered products, including everything from an Alexa-powered microwave to a portable Alexa gadget to use in your car. TechCrunch: Google’s fingerprints were all over Amazon event

Raise Report: HYP3R, Postmates, Singular Secure Fresh Funding (Street Fight)
Every two or three weeks, we round up some of the biggest fundraises taking place in hyperlocal marketing, commerce, and tech. This week’s edition includes funding for GitLab, Tamr, Wove, and Leena AI.

LBMA Podcast: Dirty Lemon, HYP3R, Amazon (Street Fight)
On this week’s edition of the LBMA podcast: Dirty Lemon, HYP3R gets $17M, GSTV’s OCTANE, 7Eleven goes with Apple and Google Pay, Amazon delivers Christmas trees, Diageo’s weather/time/location campaign in London.

What Percentage of Verified Businesses Use Google Posts? (Blumenthals)
Seven percent of businesses worldwide that have verified their business listings are using Google Posts, and roughly 26% of verified business in the US are doing so. On a percentage basis the use of posts was highest, around 30%, in Spain, Italy, and Japan. 

Yelp Is At Its Strongest in Three Years (Bloomberg)
Yelp keeps surging following positive recommendations from both analysts and investors this week. Shares of the online review website rose as much as 7.7 percent Thursday, hitting the highest level in more than three years. The stock is up 14 percent for the week.

It’s Confirmed: Adobe to Acquire Marketo (CNBC)
Vista Equity Partners, a private equity firm that specializes in software and technology, acquired Marketo for about $1.8 billion in 2016. Adobe and Microsoft were both considering buying Marketo in 2016, sources said, but ultimately Vista won it.

Salesforce Brings Einstein Voice to The Enterprise (Mediapost)
Voice gained a new entrant this week. Meet Einstein Voice. If the name has anything to say about the product, others that are attempting to move voice into the world of business might find strong competition. 

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