Street Fight Daily: Some Marketers Troubled as Google Automation Mounts, How Brands Can Localize

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As Responsive Display Becomes Default, Some Marketers Push Back on Automation (MediaPost)
There is a role for automation, but at this point Google’s automation seems equipped to drive efficiencies and not scale, said Janel Laravie, founder of the agency Chacka Marketing, adding that the smartest thing advertisers can do is test, assess, and adapt their strategy.

How Brands Can Create Personalized Experiences for Each Local Market (Street Fight)
Jeff Cheal: Digital properties must not only gather information about people but also use it to help consumers meet their goals in a contextual and timely manner. With changes such as the GDPR going into effect, the onus is on brands to deliver a connected experience that will leave customers feeling as though brands’ use of their data is justified.

Amazon Is Stuffing Its Search Results Pages with Ads (Recode)
If it feels as though Amazon’s site is increasingly stuffed with ads, that’s because it is. And it looks like that’s working — at least for brands that are willing to fork over ad dollars as part of their strategy to sell on Amazon.

Emodo Supply Offers First Carrier-Verified Data for Programmatic Advertising (Street Fight)
In what the company is touting as a breakthrough for the programmatic advertising industry, a new service will use carrier data to verify the accuracy of mobile data at the supply level. Called Emodo Supply, the product will be offered by telecom giant Ericsson’s mobile advertising platform in partnership with programmatic trading company Axonix.


The EU Will Vote on the Future of the Internet Today — Again (Verge)
The fight over EU copyright reform is not over yet. Today, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will vote on amendments to the Copyright Directive, a piece of draft legislation that was intended to update copyright for the internet age but has been mired in controversy after the inclusion of two provisions…

Apple Could Unveil the Biggest iPhone Ever Today (USA Today)
The unofficial kickoff to the tech gadget buying season opens Wednesday when Apple unveils a suite of new products at a press event, highlighted by what could be the largest iPhones ever released.


The Voice Revolution: A Publisher’s Guide to Testing the Waters (AdExchanger)
Michael Weaver: As they explore voice assistants, publishers need to examine voice assistants with the same strategic process they would use when evaluating any new distribution channel, with a close look at the associated opportunities, challenges, tactics, and marketing. Here’s a take.

CrowdTangle Now Lets Users Report Potentially False News (Poynter)
CrowdTangle announced in a blog post that it’s testing a feature that allows users to report potentially false news stories within the platform’s Facebook dashboards. That test builds upon the company’s existing mechanism for reporting potential misinformation at the post-level as a regular user.

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