Emodo Supply Offers First Carrier-Verified Data for Programmatic Advertising

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In what the company is touting as a breakthrough for the programmatic advertising industry, a new service will use carrier data to verify the accuracy of mobile data at the supply level. Called Emodo Supply, the product will be offered by telecom giant Ericsson’s mobile advertising platform in partnership with programmatic trading company Axonix.

“This is the first and only carrier-verified, standalone mobile supply filtering solution for a variety of inaccuracies,” wrote Alistair Goodman, Emodo’s general manager, in an email to Street Fight.

An internal Emodo study found that 57% of data from advertising exchanges and 33% of data from specialty data sellers are inaccurate, which can lead to lower return on investment for marketers and high wasted spend.

“The ad ecosystem is focused on transparency as a proxy for quality. Media agencies are savvy—they know there are mobile data problems in the ecosystem,” Goodman said in the press release.

The product will allow demand side platforms to filter out inaccurate, or “bad,” data from their inventory, ensuring that only accurate and reliable data is offered and sold. Because Ericsson is one of the largest telecom infrastructure companies in the world, Emodo can leverage its relationship with data carriers to develop a truth set. This set allows Emodo Supply to then score the accuracy of other mobile data, according to the press release.

“DSPs immediately understand that (Emodo Supply is) akin to preferring filtered water over unfiltered water. They recognize that carrier-verified data is effective at removing inaccuracies and delivering clean media, which is a better starting point for any campaign,” Goodman wrote in an email to Street Fight.

Emodo Supply will take carrier data and match that with a specific bid request to determine if the data is accurate. The company used its stockpile of data gathered over time to develop a pre-bid machine learning predictive algorithm that can measure data accuracy in real-time. If the score is high enough, the data clears the filter and can be offered as guaranteed, high-accuracy inventory. The algorithms have been developed and refined for more than two years and are only now available for media filtration, Goodman wrote. 

“One of the benefits of Emodo Supply is that our customers actually control the amount of data accuracy. If they turn the threshold up, accuracy improves, and volume naturally declines. If they lower the threshold, accuracy drops, but then volume increases. It allows DSPs and agencies a simple way to pair accuracy with campaign goals,” Goodman wrote.

Emodo’s partnership with Axonix, which is a trading platform for telco-verified audiences, will allow Emodo Supply to become an independent platform that can build direct relationships with publishers, supply partners, and DSPs, in turn increasing its pool of verified media supply.

One of Emodo’s clients, Mobsta, endorsed the product in the press release by testifying to the value of data verification and its power to legitimize location-based marketing investments.

“Agencies and their clients can also be reassured that their investment in location advertising is verified against the only real location truth set. We feel there is a real opportunity to grow investment in this space,” said Mobsta’s managing director, Denise Breslin, in the press release.

Anna Kramer is a staff writer at Street Fight.