Street Fight Daily: Fact Checking Some Location Targeting Claims, Amazon Go Officially Has Competition

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Location Targeting is Nothing Without the Facts to Back it Up (Street Fight)
Ray Kingman: Doing location targeting right is no simple matter, and common claims about it require further scrutiny. Accuracy of a location through parcel targeting, a rapid refresh audience strategy, and reaching the right people at scale through IP and cross-device targeting will make a major difference in location-based campaign outcomes.

Standard Cognition Is First Amazon Go Rival to Unveil Deal with Stores (Fast Company)
It’s no wonder that the Amazon Go convenience store, which uses cameras and image recognition to track and ring up all the items people take off shelves, has been met with a frenzy of startup rivals. Now one of them, Standard Cognition, has gone beyond cool demos and announced a deal to deploy the technology in stores with a major partner.

SendtoNews Aims to Guarantee Brand Safety for Advertisers (Street Fight)
Publishers like Facebook and YouTube often cause consternation for advertisers over brand safety. Content delivery and advertising company SendtoNews promises to change that state of affairs with its service. “We’re completely brand safe,” said CEO Matthew Watson.

P&G Puts Working Media Back to Work (AdExchanger)
P&G has spent more than a year pushing new digital media supply chain standards, and it can start spending more on paid media now that it feels more comfortable measuring its quality, CEO David Taylor said.

Kroger to Launch Grocery Delivery Service (WSJ)
Kroger Co. is launching a grocery delivery service, its fourth e-commerce offensive in less than three months, as the U.S.’s largest supermarket chain seeks to remain relevant in a fiercely competitive grocery sector.


Rewarded Video Offers Opportunity for Engagement (MediaPost)
As with many new offerings, rewarded video comes with misconceptions. As reported in VentureBeat, a Smaato study found rewarded video CTR is 3.4 times higher than other mobile video advertising—which sounds fishy, but is actually a positive sign of engagement.

U.S. Adults Now Spend Nearly 6 Hours Per Day Watching Video (TechCrunch)
If you’ve been wondering why every major media platform has been doubling down on its video efforts in recent months, Nielsen’s new report has the answer.

Quartz Redesigns to Improve Speed, Time on Site (Digiday)
Quartz is expected to unveil a new version of its site on Aug. 1 that’s aimed at increasing newsletter subscribers, keeping readers on the site longer, and delivering advertising through private programmatic marketplaces.


Apple’s Earnings Impress (Business Insider)
Typically, the three months ending in June are Apple’s slowest in terms of iPhone sales and revenue. This year, though, Apple posted the strongest third quarter in company history, beating analyst expectations for earnings per share and revenue.

Google Search Will Now Highlight Data Journalism from News Stories (The Verge)
It’s one of the steps Google News Initiative is taking to make data journalism more visible, with the field quickly growing across media. Over half of all newsrooms now have dedicated data journalists, and this feature aims to pinpoint the most useful results from pages containing data tables.

Joe Zappa is the Managing Editor of Street Fight. He has spearheaded the newsroom's editorial operations since 2018. Joe is an ad/martech veteran who has covered the space since 2015. You can contact him at [email protected]