Street Fight Daily: Facebook Feels the Impact of Its Scandals; GrubHub Acquires LevelUp

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At Last, Facebook Feels the Impact of Its Errors (Street Fight)
In its Q2 earnings report, the social giant reported that growth has stalled in the United States and Canada, its most valuable markets. And its overall user growth for the quarter of just 22 million users is the smallest jump since 2011, indicating that a slowdown in revenue growth will likely prove a long-term challenge in the years ahead.

GrubHub Acquires Payments and Loyalty Company LevelUp for $390 Million (TechCrunch)
Founder and CEO Matt Maloney told me that while previous Grubhub acquisitions like Eat24 were designed to give the company’s delivery business more scale, “This is kind of a different acquisition. It’s a product and strategic positioning acquisition.” Local Onliner: The local insider take on GrubHub’s latest purchase

Top Lesson for News Sites in SF Innovation Tour: Identify Users and Win Them Over One by One (Street Fight)
Revenue was, naturally, very much on the minds of the 12 publishers, broadcasters, and other news media executives who took part in the Local Media Association’s June 2018 San Francisco Innovation Mission. But Jed Williams, LMA’s chief innovation officer, said the event focused on audience engagement.

Personalized Mobile Messaging: Game Changer? Q&A with Attentive’s Brian Long (MediaPost)
Of late, personalized mobile messaging has been attracting serious investment and brand interest. That’s good news for Attentive, a personalized mobile messaging platform for ecommerce and retail businesses, which emerged out of stealth earlier this year, announcing a $13 million Series A investment led by Bain Capital Ventures.

Report: E-Commerce Sites Must Fend Off Looming Challenge from Social Platforms (Street Fight)
The opportunity is ripe for social platforms with the right transactional infrastructure and e-commerce sites with a proper slate of marketing functions to cross into the conventional territory of the other, a new report from video marketing firm Magisto indicates. If e-commerce sites do not go beyond transactions to offer their vendors marketing possibilities, they may lose the market on transactions altogether.


How Hospitality Brands Capitalize on Summertime Social Trends (Street Fight)
Social is becoming an increasingly popular channel for research and an important resource for word-of-mouth recommendations, with 67% of consumers saying that at least half of their searches result in a visit to a business, according to a 2017 survey by ReviewTrackers.

Why Brands Marketing to Baby Boomers Need to Use Video (Forbes)
Steve Olenski: Boomers have money to spend and the time to do so, making them a viable target for marketers, especially female Baby Boomers, according to the American Marketing Association’s research.


An Open Letter from the Digital Advertising Community to Apple (The Drum)
Apple recently announced a new set of changes to the default settings for its Safari browser that will further damage the consumer experience online and undercut the economic model that provides popular ad-supported content and services to millions of Americans.

How Microsoft Is Profiting from the Amazon Backlash (Slate)
As those threatened by Amazon’s growth, or weary of a competitor handling their most sensitive data, have been jumping ship, Azure has been growing twice as fast as its competitor.

Yelp Expands Efforts to Add Health Inspection Scores for Restaurants Nationwide (USA Today)
On Tuesday, the crowd-sourced review forum announced that it will be nationally expanding its LIVES program, which displays health inspection information of various businesses.

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