Nextdoor Partners With HouseCanary, Adding Real Estate Functionality to its Social Network

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Nextdoor has secured a strategic partnership with real estate platform HouseCanary, adding yet another reason for the neighbors on its burgeoning local social network to hop online. 

The news, announced Tuesday morning, marks progress in a natural direction for Nextdoor, whose users already jabber about real estate without prodding on the social network’s part, said Nextdoor’s Chief Revenue Officer Lauren Nemeth in a company press release.

The move is also a no-brainer for HouseCanary, which sees in Nextdoor an organically growing network of geographically connected people ready to make buzz about the hottest homes on the market and connect with real estate brands looking to lock down deals.

“Nextdoor is the only platform made up entirely of real people associated with verified addresses, and this uniquely valuable integration will allow Nextdoor members to compare each listing with their home, so they can see the difference in size, value, or amenities in seconds,” said Paul Wehrley, COO at HouseCanary, in the release.

From a local ecosystem standpoint, the move embodies the excitement that’s landing Nextdoor funding rounds as high as $75 million with estimated valuations at over $1 billion. As brands increasingly look to location-based advertising for attributable opportunities, the value in an organically growing network of connected users connected to verified addresses is clear.

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