Street Fight Daily: Kroger Plans on Driverless Grocery Delivery, Firms Run Afoul of GDPR

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Kroger Plans to Introduce Driverless Grocery Delivery (WSJ)
The largest U.S. supermarket chain by stores and sales on Thursday said it would work with electric-vehicle startup Nuro Inc. to test what they called the world’s first driverless grocery deliveries.

‘Everyone Is Breaking the Law’: GDPR Compliance Falls Short (Digiday)
The arrival of the GDPR a month ago led to a flurry of activity, clogging email inboxes and flooding people with tracking consent notices. But experts say much of that activity was for show because much of it fails to render companies compliant with GDPR.

How Food Trucks Can Leverage Location Data to Optimize Sales (Street Fight)
“Food truck owners can increase sales with more accurate projection models that leverage location data from both traditional sources, like census and point of interest datasets, [coupled] with new streams, like transactional and foot traffic data,” explains Santiago Giraldo, an urban scientist at CARTO.

Programmatic Is Evolving Fast. These Five Charts Show the Changes (eMarketer)
Unless you’re deep in the ad tech weeds on a daily basis, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the industry’s perpetual changes. For those who need some catching up, here are a few charts that show how programmatic advertising is evolving.

LBMA Podcast: MomentFeed & Yelp, Vendasta, Verizon (Street Fight)
On this week’s Location-Based Marketing Association podcast: Creator’s robot restaurant, MomentFeed + Yelp, iOS 12, Vendasta, Verizon, Amazon Alexa in hotels, Cisco buys July Systems, Sift + Digital Element. Special guest: Mark Michael of DevHub.

How AI Helps Local Businesses Compete With the Biggest Brands (Street Fight)
Historically, the world of advanced analytics has been the domain of huge enterprises with large budgets. But with big leaps in AI capabilities, even the smallest business can now access insights that were previously only available to “the big guys.”

Augmented Reality Meets Revenue Reality (MediaPost)
The question of whether consumers would pay anything for AR features is now being explored, and it appears some would be willing to part with some cash for AR action.

PubNative Intros a Hybrid Approach to Mobile Header Bidding (AdExchanger)
On Thursday, mobile monetization platform PubNative released a hybrid server-side/client-side header bidding tool to help publishers bring in more dough without messing up the UX. Dubbed HyBid, the solution allows app publishers to maximize their yield by running two simultaneous auctions.

Is Card Linking Seeing Momentum (Local Onliner)
Five years in, does it seem like card-linking will finally assume a place in the promotional media pantheon alongside reviews, coupons, prepaid deals and loyalty incentives?

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