Street Fight Daily: Google Retires AdWords & DoubleClick Brands; GDPR Threatens Push Marketing

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Google Is Killing Off DoubleClick Branding (Fast Company)
Google is announcing a major rebranding of its marketing products. With this latest change, the tech juggernaut is putting its services into three buckets: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager. TechCrunch: The new Google Maps with personalized recommendations is live

With GDPR In Place, Will Push Marketing Recede? (Street Fight)
Retailers love push marketing. But the practice relies on consumer data in order to work, and that’s becoming a major problem with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation firmly in effect.

Study: Challenges Persist with One-Partner Programmatic Strategy (Street Fight)
84% of brands want to bring their programmatic ad spending in-house as a way to gain more control over what’s become an opaque process. The problem? A study by Visto shows that advertisers who use just one platform are losing out on opportunities to lower inventory costs and efficiently delivery on KPIs.

AmEx Turns to Amazon for Credit Card Focused on Small Businesses (WSJ)
American Express Co. is joining with Inc. to launch a credit card for small businesses, an arrangement that could advance the card company’s efforts to deepen its ties with small and midsize companies.

Heard on the Street, Episode 6: Engineering, Surfing, and Acting with Frost Prioleau (Street Fight)
How do you bring brand-like programmatic advertising to local advertisers who spend less than $4 per day? It takes good software and partnerships to hit the sweet spots of automation and customization, according to co-founder and CEO Frost Prioleau, our latest guest on Heard on the Street. 

Uber Wins Big Battle in London, Must Now Prove It’s Committed to Doing Right Thing (Recode)
About 10 months into Khosrowshahi’s tenure as CEO, the new Uber he built has won the right to continue to operate in London—at least for 15 months.

Paid, Organic Show Equal Retention Rates (MediaPost)
It makes sense to assume that folks prefer apps they find on their own, compared to those marketers pay to put under their noses. Yet, at least in the gaming sector, retention rates are nearly identical across paid and organic installs. 

Travel Pub Fathom Uses Attribution Tech to Prove Its Content Packs a Punch (AdExchanger)
Travel publishers often miss the boat on attribution. Although their content is an integral part of the trip-planning process at the top of the funnel, there’s no easy way to credit its role in an eventual hotel booking.

As Brands Take Marketing In-House, Consultancies Cash In (Digiday)
Consultancies like Accenture Interactive, PwC and Deloitte Digital are all making one core tenet part of their pitch to marketers: If you want to take back more marketing in-house, we’ll help you do it.

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