Street Fight Daily: Ad Tech Facing Day of Judgment in GDPR, Who’s Using Local AR?

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Publishers Say They’ll Use GDPR to Shed Ad Tech Vendors (Digiday)
With less than a month to go until the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation, publishers are still working hard to vet ad tech partners. With the GDPR looming, ad tech partners that can’t guarantee compliance with publishers will be dropped fast.

Who’s Using Local AR? And How Often? (Street Fight)
According to a recent survey, AR users like what they see, with a whopping 73% reporting high or very high satisfaction. But non-users report explicit disinterest, with the biggest reason being the rather daunting “just not interested.” This presents a big hill for AR app developers to climb. 

Smart Speakers Top Phones for Voice Assistance (MediaPost)
Consumers are using smart speakers more than mobile phones for voice-assisted activities, according to a new study. Consumers use their smart speakers while multitasking 62%), while watching TV (57%), when in bed (38%), and while working (29%).

The Future of CRM: Devices, Data, Touchpoints, Apps—and Analytics (Street Fight)
Tim Gough: In a mobile-only world, better CRM solutions are as close as the smartphones in our pockets. With that in mind, let’s look at what the mobile device ID can do to reshape CRM and at how it points to the future of better consumer experiences.

Cisco Is Acquiring Business Intelligence Startup Accompany for $270M (TechCrunch)
Founder and CEO Amy Chang has compared the product to a digital chief of staff or personal assistant, giving executives the context they need before conversations and meetings. Cisco plans to incorporate Accompany technology into its collaboration products.

Snap Reports Poor Earnings and User Growth (Recode)
The company delivered poor earnings on Tuesday, missing Wall Street estimates for revenue and user growth in its attempt to deliver after a strong showing at the end of last year.

At F8, Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Keep Building (NYT)
Mark Zuckerberg has faced scandal after scandal in recent months. On Tuesday, he indicated he was ready to move on and continue Facebook’s march of taking over people’s online lives. AdWeek: Facebook is building a ‘clear history’ feature

Twitter Continues Its Push Into Live Programming (AdExchanger)
Twitter unveiled a slate of live streaming and original programs at the company’s NewFronts presentation Monday night, coupled with new video advertising services for brands on the platform.

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