Street Fight Daily: Target Aims to Lead on Customer Experience, GDPR’s Impact on Facebook

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Target Is Trying to Become America’s Easiest Place to Shop. Here’s How (AdWeek)
By the end of April, Target said it will offer same-day delivery for in-store purchases at nearly 60 stores in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

How The Weather Company Turns Forecast Data Into Game-Changing Retailer Insights (Street Fight)
Using live weather conditions from radar and satellites, along with road-specific forecasts, high-resolution traffic feeds, and user-reported traffic conditions, companies are harnessing weather data to inform nearly every aspect of their businesses.

GDPR Is What Facebook Advertisers Should Really Worry About (Digiday)
While most focus is on Facebook’s travails in Washington, the real threat for Facebook looms in Europe. The General Data Protection Regulation kicks in May 25, and it is poised to change how Facebook targets ads. Recode: Facebook takes first steps to comply with European regulations

Customers Who Hop Onto Digital Trends Earliest Less Engaged With Advertisements (Street Fight)
Marketers look to trendsetters as “influencers,” but can the influencer be influenced herself? A study recently published in the journal “Marketing Science” suggests that, in fact, early propagators of trends tend to respond less to advertising than latecomers.

Consumers Want Voice Services Beyond Basics (MediaPost)
One major consumer criticism cited in the Publicis Media report is that current voice services lack the ability to go beyond basic information most users already know when using their devices.

Amazon Partners With Best Buy to Sell Alexa-Equipped TVs (TechCrunch)
Amazon is looking to sell its Fire TV Edition smart televisions in a big box store, but thankfully it’s not Whole Foods. Instead, Amazon will be tapping a retailer whose life it has made incredibly difficult over the years, Best Buy, to begin selling smart televisions with its Fire TV capabilities baked in.

TripAdvisor’s Attractions Unit to Be Rebranded As Experiences (Skift)
TripAdvisor Attractions is hopping onboard the Experiences bandwagon. The company will rebrand its business unit as TripAdvisor Experiences, according to a confidential internal communication obtained by Skift.

Rand Fishkin’s ‘Lost and Founder’ Focuses on Startup Decision Making (Local Onliner)
We don’t hear too much about the decision-making challenges that startup CEOs face as they get beyond the startup phase. That’s what Moz co-founder Rand Fishkin sets out to do in his candid and insightful book, “Lost and Founder.”

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