Street Fight Daily: AR/VR Market Grows 72% YOY, How Mall of America Leverages Local Tech

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Content Market for Visual, Augmented Reality Hits $3 Billion (MediaPost)
It’s still not massive, but the virtual and augmented reality market continues to show significant signs of life. AR is still seen as the stronger option in the short term.

How Mall of America Is Innovating With Local Tech and Talking Robots (Street Fight)
Street Fight recently caught up with Sarah Townes, Mall of America’s marketing VP, to discuss the evolution of physical retail, where she’s placing her tech bets, and how location fits into the mix.

Even as Amazon Lurks, Drugstores Double Down on Bricks and Mortar (Forbes)
Even as online retailer Amazon considers entering the U.S. pharmacy business, traditional drugstore chains aren’t backing away from new brick and mortar stores, remodeling and health-related expansions. Business Insider: Amazon warehouse workers reportedly urinate in bottles to avoid bathroom breaks

The New Face of Reputation Management: Photos, UGC Rise in Prominence (Street Fight)
Damian Rollison: Photos and other non-review UGC may soon become as important as reviews for reputation management. Certainly photos have that potential, providing as they do a visceral impact with which no text paragraph can compete.

Is Google Using GDPR As an Excuse to Restrict Publisher and Advertiser Choices? (AdExchanger)
Joshua Koran: When Google recently announced as part of its GDPR compliance efforts that YouTube would stop supporting third-party ad serving on reserved buys in Europe, it raised concerns.

Publishers Dangle Access to Editorial Staffers in Exchange for Subscriptions (Digiday)
Among publishers looking for the right consumer revenue recipe, access to editorial staffers is becoming a common ingredient.

Don’t Buy Zuckerberg’s Line That AI Will Save Facebook (Quartz)
Dave Gershgorn: Zuckerberg said a solution for the company’s ills is in the works—hiring 20,000 people around the world to moderate the content generated by more than 2 billion users. Long-term, he said, that job would be handled by artificial intelligence at massive scale.

Silicon Valley VCs Prepare for a Wave of IPOs (NYT)
Jason Pressman spent Thursday morning cheering from the balcony of the New York Stock Exchange as shares of the software firm Zuora, which he backed in 2008, began trading.

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