Street Fight Daily: User Time on Facebook Drops, Highlights from #SFSW18

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

User Time on Facebook Declines for First Time Ever (Recode)
Zuckerberg said that “we made changes” in order for that time decrease to happen, and added that “focusing on meaningful connections, our community and business will be stronger over the long term.”

#SFSW18: How Yelp Is Partnering Its Way into the Future (Street Fight)
“We’ve made sure there’s an authenticity in Yelp so that people going to the service for reviews can count on it,” said Yelp SVP Chad Richard in the final conversation of Street Fight Summit West in Los Angeles. Richard called authenticity “the essence of the business.”

State of Hyperlocal: Attribution Is Top Industry Challenge and R&D Priority (Street Fight)
David Card: Companies selling local marketing and technology and services continue to believe that online-to-offline attribution is the toughest challenge facing the industry, and it’s now their top near-term R&D priority. That’s what we’re hearing from a preliminary analysis of our annual State of Hyperlocal survey of Street Fight readers.

Google’s Rivals Say Search-Page Practices Still Unfair (WSJ)
Google continues to stymie competition in online shopping, despite a record fine from European authorities and an order to modify its behavior, rivals say.

#SFSW18: Factual CEO Talks Company’s Top-Notch Approach to Location Data (Street Fight)
Unlike so many location-based rivals, Factual’s goal is not to convert geospatial data into top-notch marketing solutions. The company, founder and CEO Gil Elbaz said Wednesday morning at Street Fight Summit West in Los Angeles, is laser-focused on providing top-notch location data. 

#SFSW18: Closing the Location Attribution Loop (Street Fight)
Cameron Peebles, CMO of InMarket, emphasized that data should not just be used for attribution — to prove past ad placements have worked — but also to predict future consumer patterns and increase long-term marketing success. “Consumers don’t live their lives in points; they live their lives in patterns,” Peebles said. 

Alexa Can Now Send Text Messages to Phones (MediaPost)
Voice devices in the home continue to evolve and expand with new capabilities. Now Amazon has enabled its Alexa digital voice assistant to send text messages through its Echo devices.

Instagram’s Carousel Ads Come to Stories (TechCrunch)
Instagram is announcing plans to bring its Carousel Ads into Stories. That means the ads in Stories are no longer limited to one piece of media (which could be a photo or a video) — they can now include three.

#SFSW18: The Local Ecosystem in Flux (Street Fight)
“Small businesses are people who are gutting it out,” said Andrew Morbitzer, VP of corporate development at GoDaddy. “They’re here to do a service or provide a product. They’re not here to use software. [Our job is] removing the decision to take on another capability.”

#SFSW18: Local’s Visual Future: The Rise of AR, VR, and New Customer Experiences (Street Fight)
“We want to please the restaurants and we want to please the users,” said Danny Gordon, CEO of Auredi, just one company at Street Fight Summit West using visual technology to enrich customer experiences. “It’s unbelievable the amount of excitement we see when we show customers dishes that look exactly like they do in person.”

Ad Tech Vendors Offer Customers Rosy Pictures of GDPR Compliance (Digiday)
Any ad tech vendor clinging to the notion that legitimate interest alone will render them compliant for the General Data Protection Regulation may need to think of a plan B — and fast.

#SFSW18: How Nextdoor Is Building a Business Around Neighbors (Street Fight)
Nextdoor is an app exclusively devoted to the local communities that keep the lights on for small businesses.  Prakash Janakiraman, co-founder and chief architect of Nextdoor, joined Mike Boland, Street Fight’s analyst in residence, at Street Fight Summit West in Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon to discuss Nextdoor’s growth into a billion-dollar local business.

Twitter Is Sending More Clicks to Publishers (BuzzFeed)
Alex Kantrowitz: The development could potentially mitigate the negative effects of Facebook’s News Feed changes on media companies.

Demystifying Agency Data Platforms (AdExchanger)
The major holding companies have each developed data platforms to meet their clients’ needs. The question is: What’s the difference between their offerings?

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