Street Fight Daily: Salesforce Rolls Out Retail Tech, Brands Push Boundaries with User Data

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Salesforce Debuts Retail Platform Enhancements (MediaPost)
Salesforce has added several enhancements to its retail platform to help retailers deliver personalized shopping experiences. These include the ability to integrate digital commerce with email marketing.

Two Big Facebook Moves in the First Two Weeks of 2018 (Street Fight)
“It will be interesting to watch how much SMBs’ costs go up with Facebook to achieve the same level of engagement that they have been enjoying,” Mike Blumenthal tells David Mihm in their biweekly column. “As Google expands their many local offerings, this might just play into their hands by forcing businesses back to Google My Business.”

Where is the Line Between Creepy and Creative in Data-Driven Advertising? (AdWeek)
Major brands, including Spotify, Netflix and Cost Plus World Market, are testing the waters by using their troves of user data to drive not only the targeting but also the creation of their ads.

How MoviePass Is Using Subscriber Data for Retail Partner Integrations (Street Fight)
Having now reached 1.5 million paying subscribers, with 500,000 of those coming in just the last 30 days, MoviePass is keeping a sharp focus on the data it’s able to collect from moviegoers. The company expects that data to become an important asset to retail partners and the movie industry at large in the coming months and years.

How Twitter Could Make a Big Comeback in 2018 (Digiday)
At a recent event, Twitter execs enthusiastically made a pitch: an array of video ad products to meet every marketing need, high-quality publishing partners, and an audience that’s actually receptive to ads.

Instacart Acquires Grocery E-Commerce Platform Unata (VentureBeat)
Unata provides a cloud-based, white-label platform that brings together all the strands needed for grocers to sell online, while also offering in-store integrations via beacons for location-based marketing initiatives.

Alexa, We’re Still Trying to Figure Out What to Do With You (NYT)
The challenge isn’t finding these digitized helpers, it is finding people who use them to do much more than they could with the old clock/radio in the bedroom.

Apple’s Star Presence No Longer Overshadows CES (Recode)
Ben Bajarin: The critical point is that consumer electronics vendors need platform partners. The question at hand is whether or not that platform partner can or will be Apple. As of now, the answer is no.

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