Street Fight Daily: Facebook Dives Deep on Video Ad Data, Uber Gears Up for 2018

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Facebook Releases Research Examining Complexities of Video Ads (Business Insider)
According to Facebook no two formats are equal in terms of effectiveness. Getting millennials to watch 10 seconds of an ad on Stories, for example, is harder than getting an older audience to watch a 10-second ad in a non-skippable environment.

‘SMB OS’: Expanding the Local Pie (Street Fight)
Michael Boland: SMB OS isn’t a new concept, though it’s now emerging and crystallizing in new ways. Advancing it are supporting technologies like cloud computing, mobility and cash-flow friendly SaaS pricing. Much of this trickles down from enterprise world, as it often does.

Uber Powered 4 Billion Rides in 2017. Its COO Explains How It Will Do More in 2018 (Recode)
In an otherwise turbulent year, Uber — which operates in 600 cities across 78 countries — managed to give four billion rides in 2017 alone. That’s significant for a company that for its entire existence hit the five billion total rides mark in May of 2017.

Why CMOs Will Be the Most Important Executives in 2018 (Street Fight)
Todd Klein: To today’s consumer, products and brands are plaited into a single entity. Thus, a company’s “product” now encompasses a consumer’s brand perception, interaction with its products, and affinity for its communities.

Could Snap’s Unusual and Generative Structure Also Be Its Breaking Point? (The Verge)
Casey Newton and Nick Statt: On one hand, the company continues to excel at developing new products and generating buzz around their release. On the other, the company’s struggles illustrate the challenges created by its unusual “hub-and-spoke” organizational structure, which puts Spiegel at the center of all decision-making at the company.

GDPR Is Coming, and Data Management Platforms Are in the Crosshairs (Digiday)
Data management platforms play an increasingly important role in helping digital marketers find high-value audiences, largely based on third-party data collection without much transparency.

Once-Hungry Investors Pass on Meal-Kit Startups (WSJ)
Just a few years ago, the business of delivering packages containing pre-measured ingredients that people assembled into meals was a novel one, drawing hundreds of millions of dollars from venture capitalists and other investors. Today, investors are losing their appetites.

Why AI Is the New Battleground for Brand Marketers (AdWeek)
Ben Lamm: Most brand experiences will be delivered through AI by 2025. The only question is whether your brand will still exist.

New Pew Study Indicates Local TV News Viewing Dropping Fast (Poynter)
Until now, local TV news viewership has been declining slowly. But a new Pew research study shows that from 2016 to 2017, the decline picked up speed.

Who Are This Year’s Strategic Acquirers in Media and Marketing? (AdExchanger)
In recent years, enterprise giants like Salesforce, Oracle, IBM and Adobe monopolized M&A activity as each marketing cloud raced to buy their way into ad tech. That tide has turned.

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