Street Fight Daily: The Future of Facebook Video, Programmatic’s Year to Prove Itself

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

2018 Will Be a Pivotal Year for Facebook’s Video Ambitions (Digiday)
As Verizon has learned with Go90 and Facebook itself learned with its failed efforts to make Facebook Live happen, just because you build something, it doesn’t mean viewers will come in droves.

Addressing Multi-Location Brands’ Digital Marketing Pain Points (Street Fight)
David Card: Street Fight’s 2017 State of Hyperlocal analysis showed that selling to enterprise local marketers was one of the toughest challenges facing suppliers, right up there with raising their own company’s brand awareness and showing marketing attribution and ROI.

Programmatic Faces a Turning Point in 2018 (AdExchanger)
Jay Friedman: This year, issues such as transparency, fraud, and nascent mobile adoption will be addressed in a meaningful way. Other issues like consolidation and attribution, or lack thereof, will continue to permeate.

As the Local News Industry Struggles, Publishers Ask Readers to Pay (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: The local news industry, fighting for survival, is turning its readers into customers. Sites are either charging readers for premium content — after up to 10 free visits a month — or setting up “membership” programs where readers make voluntary monthly or yearly payments.

The Limits of Amazon (WSJ)
The digital retail giant is very good at getting consumers what they need. Can it get them exactly what they want? Bloomberg: Amazon will buy Target this year, Gene Munster predicts.

2018 Will Be the Year Chatbot Conversations Get Real (VentureBeat)
Dan Miller: As we enter 2018, it’s clear the expectations of intelligent assistance providers and enterprise practitioners are more in balance than ever before. It has also become evident that the number of “known knowns” is growing rapidly.

BrightLine Helps Streaming Services Target and Measure Ads (AdWeek)
It may be a new year, but one of the biggest pain points in the world of television streaming remains the same: how do we know whom we’re reaching?

Twitter Ended the Year on a Fascinating Run (TechCrunch)
At the end of the year, Twitter went on a rather spectacular run, and though ending on a bit of a slump, it looks like it could finish the year up more than 25 percent — which, by Twitter terms, is pretty good.

Changing Tech Continued to Challenge Brands in 2017 (MediaPost)
As in past years, the changing content consumption habits of consumers remained a reliable theme throughout 2017.

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