Street Fight Daily: Facebook to Launch Campaign Optimization Tool, Inside eBay’s Renaissance

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Facebook Is Introducing a Campaign Budget Optimization Tool for Advertisers (AdWeek)
The new tool will allow advertisers to set one central campaign budget and optimize spending across their ad sets by distributing budget to the ad sets that are performing the best in real-time.

Why DNA Info’s Shuttering Isn’t a Reflection on the Hyperlocal Digital Opportunity (Street Fight)
Howard Owens: The shuttering of these sites was a failure of a business, not a failure of opportunity. The opportunity is there. A multi-billion dollar opportunity. It just needs the right model and good execution to grasp it.

­­Inside eBay’s Repositioning as a Modern E-Commerce Platform (AdExchanger)
EBay has expanded its access to new inventory, opened new ways consumers can buy, and implemented policies around money-back guarantees and making shipping and returns easier.

Looking at Location Signals, GroundTruth Looks at Ways to Predict Behavior (Street Fight)
A recent study by the company focused on the foot traffic at mass merchandisers and grocery stores and airport traffic, and pointed Charlotte, NC, as the most likely choice for Amazon’s HQ2. “Being able to dig in to real world behaviors, it draws out real actionable recommendations,” says Sarah Ohle, VP of marketing insights.

Twitter Helps Out Small Businesses with Promote Mode Service (MediaPost)
The new Promote Mode service is designed to help small businesses and aspiring influencers run ad campaigns on Twitter in exchange for a monthly fee.

Restaurant Apps Battle to Stay Relevant with Loyalty, Payment Options (Digiday)
In the past month, fast-food brands like Buffalo Wild Wings, Panera, Chick-fil-A, and Domino’s have updated their existing apps or introduced new ones with reward programs, faster payment options, and delivery services.

Uber Is Asking Drivers If They Want to Provide Other On-Demand Services (Recode)
Uber is gauging its drivers’ interest in providing TaskRabbit-like services for consumers and potentially other businesses.

Snapchat’s Big Redesign Is Planned for Dec 4 — Here’s How It Will Work (Business Insider)
While Spiegel, speaking with investors on Snap’s earnings call, hinted that Snapchat could adopt some sort of Facebook-like feed system for showing content, the planned redesign will still open to the camera, the source said.

Square’s Dominant Year Hits a Snag (TechCrunch)
While Square has seen an enormous run-up in the past year, it could be that Wall Street has finally started to take a small step back and re-evaluate Square’s business after lifting its value by billions of dollars.

How Salon Media Group Built Its Video Content Strategy (eMarketer)
While the written word will always pull in audiences, Salon Media Group conceded that the market for video advertising was growing and decided to enter the fray.

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