Street Fight Daily: WaPo Partners with Nextdoor to Cover Local, Restaurants Build Around Instagram

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

The Washington Post Partners with Nextdoor to Boost Local News Coverage (AdWeek)
The Washington Post is joining forces with a social up-and-comer for its newest partnership with Nextdoor, a private social network designed as a neighborhood-based virtual meeting place through which to exchange neighborhood news, information, requests or even greetings.

Why 2017 Investments Will Take Local Companies Farther With Less (Street Fight)
Upserve CEO Angus Davis says that seed funding is the most available right now. And because the overall economy is doing fairly well, wealthy people are increasingly doing angel investments where they previously were not. 

Restaurateurs Are Designing Their Establishments With Instagram in Mind (The Verge)
Entrepreneurs in the restaurant business are commissioning neon signs bearing modestly sly double entendres, painting elaborate murals of tropical wildlife, and embedding floor tiles with branded greetings — all in the hopes that their guests will post them.

Case Study: Mattress Brand Targets Ads to Warm-Weather Locations (Street Fight)
When temperatures rise, people get uncomfortable in their beds. This universal problem is something that the advertising team at the direct-to-consumer mattress brand Purple decided it could capitalize on to drive sales with a location-targeted ad campaign launched last year.

Brands Eye New Ways to Foster Innovation With Agencies (Digiday)
Brands are starting to exert more control over how their agencies commercialize their innovation briefs amid the industrywide push for greater transparency in advertising.

Tracing the Timeline of Sizmek, AdTech Rollup and Duopoly Alternative (AdExchanger)
Like Oath, which bolted years’ worth of technology acquisitions from AOL and Yahoo under parent Verizon, Sizmek, now owned by private equity firm Vector Capital, faces some of the familiar integration and go-to-market challenges. Here’s how it got to where it is today.

BuzzFeed Creates Audio Morning Briefing for Amazon Alexa (MediaPost)
BuzzFeed is introducing a morning news briefing on speaker devices enabled with Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled virtual assistant, such as Amazon Echo. The briefing is called “Reporting to You,” the same as BuzzFeed’s new slogan introduced in April.

Google’s Looking for Digital Ad Fraud, and Its Findings Should Make the Industry Nervous (Business Insider)
Spoofing is even starting to affect publishers that don’t even sell ads via programmatic channels. Several publishers say they’ve been hearing from ad buyers that their ads are for sale on various ad exchanges, even though these companies didn’t work with any ad exchanges to sell advertising.

Sears Starts Selling Alexa-Enabled Kenmore Appliances on Amazon in Bid for Relevance (TechCrunch)
While the move feels a bit defeatist, it’s a smart one, at least in the short term — a fact that Wall Street has rewarded, with shares in the 131-year-old company jumping as much as 25-percent in this morning’s trading.

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