Street Fight Daily: Snap Acquires Placed, Google’s AMP Drives Content Engagement

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Snap Acquires Placed to Measure Whether Ads Drive Brick-and-Mortar Sales (VentureBeat)
Snap has acquired marketing campaign tracking company Placed, which tracks things like store visits and offline purchases. A study by Placed of the habits of two million Snapchat users last August, for example, breaks down most popular stores for Snapchat users by age, gender, and ethnicity.

#SFSNYC: At JPMorgan Chase, the Value of Location Is as a Signal of Intent (Street Fight)
Well-known brands may have national platforms and campaigns for reaching out to customers — but none of that matters if the company does not What brings a person nearby into a bank can be an indicator of their intent, says Jake Davidow, head of media buying at JPMorgan Chase. That’s why understanding the context of location so important to marketers. 

Google’s AMP Mean Visitors Spend More Time With Content (Recode)
Chartbeat says visitors to web pages that load with Google AMP are spending 35 percent more time with that content on average than with standard mobile web pages.

Local Providers Should Take Care in Interpreting Big Mobile Advertising Numbers (Street Fight)
David Card: One of the key themes of Mary Meeker’s annual presentation was mobile advertising — its growth, targeting, and measurability. But recent Street Fight surveys of SMBs and brand marketers indicate that mobile still has surprisingly low usage and perceived effectiveness. 

Amazon Fights Walmart for Low-Income Shoppers (WSJ)
The online retailer giant said Tuesday that it will offer nearly 20% segment of the U.S. population—people who obtain government assistance with cards typically used for food stamps—a $5.99 monthly Prime membership.

Curb and Via Bring Ride-Sharing to NYC’s Yellow Taxis (TechCrunch)
New Yorkers are about to get even more friendly! Today, Via and Curb are bringing ride-sharing through a digital wallet to yellow taxis in the Big Apple.

How Sports Marketers Can Extend Their Brand and Win Big This Summer (Street Fight)
Michael Buttigieg: With so much opportunity — and competition — how can marketers stand out from the crowd and forge meaningful relationships with sports fans? Here are some best practices that will enable marketers to identify their perfect audiences and build lifelong relationships with fans.

Lyft Aims at a Self-Driving Future with More Partnerships (NYT)
Uber is spending millions of dollars to make self-driving cars on its ride-hailing network a reality. Now Lyft, one of Uber’s biggest competitors, is striking a series of partnerships to do the same.

Viewability Standards Have a Gaping Hole: Mobile Apps (Digiday)
Two of the big trends in digital media aren’t compatible: The drive to enforce viewability standards and the shift to mobile, particularly apps.

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