Street Fight Daily: Twitter Launches 24/7 News Service with Bloomberg, Uber Boosts Data Privacy

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Twitter to Launch 24/7 News Streaming Service with Bloomberg (VentureBeat)
Twitter’s transformation into a TV network is edging ever closer with the company’s announcement that it is teaming up with Bloomberg to create a 24/7 news streaming service directly on the social network.

Report: Social Media Continues to Be a Top Marketing Tactic for Local Merchants (Street Fight)
David Card: The fourth edition of Street Fight’s Local Merchant Report shows a continued movement to social media as a preferred marketing tactic among local merchants. They deem it their most effective tactic, so they’re increasing their spending.  Street Fight: Local Merchant Report analyst offers office hours for the first time.

Uber Beefs Up Privacy Controls Amid Data Use Controversy (MediaPost)
Faced with a fresh public relations crisis, Uber on Friday unveiled new settings aimed at giving users more control over their data. Among other changes, the app will add a “privacy settings” menu, which will house all privacy controls — including controls over how Uber uses location data.

Constructing the Enterprise Priority List for Local Search (Street Fight)
 “I think some local managers in corporations are getting pushback as to why their local traffic is falling, and if it is why should they maintain local pages? What is hard to explain is that those pages DO feed Google,” Mike Blumenthal tells David Mihm. “But these locations need to be not just well structured, but easily found and crawled by Google, not hidden behind some opaque code.”

Now That It Knows Who’s Talking, Google Home Might Reach Its Potential (Fast Company)
Jared Newman: Now Google Home can make sure it’s talking to the right person before it grants access to personal information, making it more practical for families and roommates. Down the road, this should allow the speaker to tie into a greater range of Google services.

Will Social AR Be the Next Local Battlefield? (Street Fight)
Michael Boland: We saw it with Pokemon Go and of course Snapchat. But the real glimpse of the mobile AR future came during Facebook’s recent AR-studded F8 conference keynote. The central message repeated by Mark Zuckerberg was that the smartphone camera is the new AR platform.

Yik Yak Shuts Down After Square Paid $1 Million for Its Engineers (TechCrunch)
Yik Yak co-founders Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington published a farewell note to users on Friday, announcing they would shut down their once-popular anonymous social network this week.

How to Decide Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Brand (AdWeek)
John Holdridge: It’s no secret that social video has been on the rise for the past year, as new features like Instagram Stories and Messenger Day join growing tools like Facebook Live and Snapchat Stories. With the social video marketplace becoming more saturated by the minute, it may be time to re-evaluate which platforms make sense for your brand.

As Retailers Race to Close Stores, a Web Startup is Opening Them (WSJ)
While many retailers are scrambling to close storefronts, one internet upstart is opening them—but for just a few months at a time. Greats, an online sneaker brand founded in 2013, plans to open at least 10 locations over the next two years by signing short-term leases ranging from three months to one year.

 Netflix’s Use of Big Data: Lessons for Brand Marketers (AdExchanger)
Jonathan Cohen: Its business model depends on using analytics to understand its audience better than its competitors. For brand marketers, for whom understanding audience behavior is equally essential, Netflix is a great case study on how to leverage big data correctly.

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