Street Fight Daily: Twitter Adds Location Sharing Tools for Businesses, AOL and Yahoo Become Oath

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Twitter Adds Location Sharing for Businesses Offering Customer Support via DMs (TechCrunch)
The latest in a series of updates focused on helping businesses running customer service via Twitter, the new addition offers businesses an easier way to request and share locations with their customers.

MapQuest Tackling More Location Data and Services Under Verizon Ownership (Street Fight)
Elise Neel, the head of MapQuest for business, spoke to Street Fight recently about the ways marketers now regard and value location data, the role mixed reality may play in mapping, and what it means for MapQuest to operate under Verizon’s ownership.

AOL and Yahoo Will Become Oath Following Verizon Deal (VentureBeat)
When the acquisition of Yahoo by Verizon concludes later this year, the storied Yahoo name will be no more. Instead, the core assets of the search engine company will be merged with AOL to become a new entity known as Oath. The official rebranding takes place this summer.

5 Ways Retailers Are Using Marketing Tech to Support Personalization Efforts (Street Fight)
The notion that marketers don’t have access to the types of data they need to improve the relevancy of their marketing efforts is a fallacy. Most retail brands already have everything they need, it’s just a matter of using the data in creative ways to generate more personalized content for consumers.

Consumer Adoption of Voice Assistants Doubled in Q1: Here’s Why (GeoMarketing)
The use of artificial intelligence-based voice assistants is growing rapidly, thanks the consumer interest in “smart home” devices offered by Amazon, Google, Samsung, Apple, and others.

Google to Allow Brand Safety Monitoring by Outside Firms (WSJ)
Google on Monday unveiled measures meant to help marketers track where advertisements appear across YouTube, in the wake of controversy over the company’s placement of ads.

It’s Getting Harder and Harder to Tell the Social Media Giants Apart (Recode)
Wagner and Molla: Copying features that are popular with competitors is one way to try and increase time spent, which explains why we’ve seen so much of it recently. The result, though, has been a rather uninspiring race to the middle.

In NYC, Local Coverage Declines, and Accountability With It (Daily Beast)
Were it a city, New York’s Queens County would be the nation’s fourth largest. Police record some 35,000 major crimes a year and the local courthouse calendars upward of 200,000 criminal cases annually. It says a great deal that even in the nation’s media capital, there is not one reporter regularly roaming this courthouse.

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