Street Fight Daily: IBM and Salesforce Share AI Tech, Consumers Still Tepid About Connected Home

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

IBM and Salesforce Will Start Sharing Their AI Technology (Recode)
IBM’s natural-language AI program Watson will be integrated with Salesforce’s Einstein, the AI that helps mine its hugely popular customer relationship management software, to provide customer purchasing habits and shopping data for businesses that run Salesforce.

Case Study: How a Maryland Spa Owner Tackles Online Marketing (Street Fight)
Laura Correa has made a name for herself in the Washington, DC area with restorative facials and rejuvenating therapeutic treatments, but in order to keep her skin spa afloat and compete against larger chains, Correa stays on top of the latest digital marketing trends.

Most Consumers Not Turned On By Connected Home, Study Finds (TechCrunch)
Across the polled regions the analyst found that only about 10 percent of households currently have connected home solutions. Meanwhile, three-quarters of respondents to the online poll indicated they are in fact happy to manually set things like temperature and lighting.

How Publishers Can Improve Their Revenue — Ezoic’s Experts Spell It Out (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: Local news publishers are often able to pull together a decent share of pageviews in their communities — but many can’t wring enough revenue out of them. For practical solutions, I went to two experts at Ezoic, whose artificial-intelligence platform aims at helping its thousands of publisher clients to deliver better user experiences.

How We Hijacked Google’s SEO Guide Search Rankings (Search Engine Land)
Dan Sharp: My agency performed an experiment recently that resulted in Google’s believing our website was the canonical version of their own search engine optimization starter guide PDF — and ranking us in place of their own content for “search engine optimization” and thousands of other phrases.

Mobile World Congress 2017: Main Enterprise Themes (Forrester)
Dan Bieler: The biggest themes at MWC in 2017 that are relevant for enterprise customers were the internet of things, artificial intelligence, platforms, collaboration, and connectivity. These themes underline how mobility is becoming part of the broader digital transformation initiative.

Snap Is Already Trading Below Its IPO Opening Price (Quartz)
The optimism for Snap’s stock seems to be fading nearly as quickly as the average message on Snapchat. Just three days after the company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Snap’s stock closed below the price it first opened at.

What Lurks Ahead: Another Take on Why Companies Fail (Betaspring)
Melissa Withers: Where technological failure was once the biggest risk early-stage companies faced, we learned through experience that timing may be more important to final outcomes. As our point of view changes (and sometimes as we acquire more data) our take on why a company died changes too.

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