Street Fight Daily: Kalanick Calls Self-Driving Tech Race ‘Existential,’ Facebook Ramps Up E-Commerce

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Kalanick Says Uber Has 40 Million Monthly Riders Paying $50/Month, Calls Self-Driving Tech Race ‘Existential’ (AdWeek)
Uber drivers have made between $1.5 billion and $2 billion in the past month and 20 percent of all rides globally now come from UberPool — the app’s feature that lets riders share and split the cost of a cab.

How Location Data Influences Consumer Buying Decisions (Street Fight)
According to a new report from YP, 37% of consumers won’t consider local businesses with inconsistent information online, and 32% won’t consider a business with the wrong information listed on its website. Even inconsistent messaging and website content is enough to dissuade multi-channel shoppers.

Any Business on Facebook Can Now Sell Goods Right From Its Page (Recode)
Facebook is ramping up its e-commerce ambitions, announcing today that any business can now allow customers to make purchases right from the business’s Facebook Page. Facebook had been testing the capability with a limited set of small businesses, but is now opening it up as a tool available to all businesses globally.

Google Pulls Online, Offline Survey Data Into Analytics 360 (MediaPost)
Available now in the U.S. and parts of Canada, the platform aims to help marketers with attribution and campaigns that extend across platforms. As mobile continues to change the consumer journey through the buying process, per Google, the shift affects the outcome of campaigns and projects.

Study Highlights Location Data Uses in Real Estate, Retail Analysis, Smart Cities (Street Fight)
For a month, Cuebiq tracked geo-behavioral patterns of anonymous consumers in the Westfield World Trade Center (WTC) shopping mall, right after the mall’s grand opening in August. The study differentiated between tourist and local visitors, and tracked consumers’ favorite brands.

Developing Models for Digital Local News (USA Today)
Rem Rieder: The Incline will have plenty of Billy Penn DNA. It will rely on a mix of original reporting and curation of other news outlets’ local content. It will be aimed at Millennials on mobile devices.

How Jeff Bezos is Turning the Washington Post Into a Digitally Driven Publication (AdWeek)
“Jeff came in not only with financial power, but he came in with intellectual power and I think forced us to think more profoundly about how the internet changed the way that we deliver information to people,” Post Executive Editor Martin Baron said.

Instagram Stories Get Mixed Reviews from Marketers (Digiday)
Brands are still in test-and-learn mode, using it for everything from rough-and-ready coverage of live events to brand video. But while some see momentum, many marketers struggle with getting much scale from their efforts or solid metrics to justify spending money (and time) on yet another new way to push out content.

Millenials Upend Traditional Madison Avenue Advertising Practices (MediaPost)
Millennial business leaders in small to medium sized businesses are redefining the advertising industry with a streamlined digital-first paradigm for marketing, but there are billions in advertising budgets for legacy businesses that have become unwieldy and increasingly difficult to deploy.

How Are Brands Hoping to Boost Conversions? (eMarketer)
Brand marketers are looking to a variety of digital tactics to improve conversion rates, according to research. While many of their efforts are effective, they also tend to focus on some of the easiest tactics to implement, like A/B testing.

Snapchat Might Become a More Reliable Income Source for Publishers (Nieman Lab)
Snapchat is planning to switch up the payment terms of its Discover section, Recode reports — but that might not be a bad thing if it provides publishers with a little more certainty about their revenue from the platform.

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