Street Fight Daily: Guardian to Sell Its Data, What Facebook’s Marketplace Lacks

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Guardian Moves to Separate Data from Inventory, with Monetization Model to Follow (The Drum)
Publishers are catching on that their highly engaged audiences, and consequent depth of first party data, opens up opportunities to monetize beyond their own inventory.

5 Ways to Rethink Marketing Measurement (Street Fight)
Steven Rosenblatt: New advances in advertising technology finally allow marketers to better understand how online ads impact offline behavior. Here are five ways that every marketer needs to rethink marketing measurement in order to better reach their consumer base.

Facebook Marketplace Seems Incomplete (MediaPost)
Laurie Sullivan: Facebook’s feature, announced Monday, aims to compete with the likes of Craigslist and others that allow consumers to sell and buy new and used goods online. But a site like Marketplace cannot be complete without a way to close the transactions, which Marketplace doesn’t offer.

Advertisers Need to Reach Car Shoppers on Sofas, Long Before They Hit the Showroom (AdExchanger)
Tim Jenkins: Before taking a single step onto a showroom floor, 95% of car shoppers have already decided which car they plan to test-drive. So why do auto marketers still run mobile ads targeting consumers when they’re at or near a dealership to entice them to buy cars they’ve never considered?

The Fight for Leads: Healthcare Marketing (Street Fight)
Sponsored by CallRail: Healthcare marketing is fraught with compliance issues — regulations that frequently change and impact virtually all communication between medical practices and the patients they serve. Marketers are relying more heavily on a combination of established platforms to educate potential patients.

How Influential Is a Brand’s Media Presence During Peak Retail Season? (eMarketer)
A brand’s social media presence can affect holiday purchase decisions, July 2016 research revealed. Indeed, more than half of US social media users polled said it has at least some influence on whether they’ll buy from the brand during the holiday season.

Jim Friedlich Champions ‘New Class’ of News Startups — And Digitally ‘Aggressive’ Heritage Sites (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: There is a “new class” of entrepreneurial local news startups as well as aggressive new digital investment at “heritage” newspapers, according to longtime news publishing executive Jim Friedlich. These startups mark their boundaries not by neighborhood but metro area.

What Time Learned From the Small Sites It Acquired (Digiday)
Since its spin-out from Time Warner over two years ago, Time Inc. has been busy buying up companies to decrease its reliance on print advertising and subscription revenues. Here are some of the things its new editorial properties helped the company figure out.

Google Maps Now Features Users’ Appointments — Here’s What It Means For Marketers (Geomarketing)
David Kaplan: While Google Maps has already allowed users to label places like “work” or “daycare,” the connection to Google Calendars will provide marketers an additional way to ensure they stay top of mind. It also opens up Google Maps as another competitive arena for ride-hailing services and booking apps like OpenTable.

Salesforce Is Acquiring Krux to Boost its Data Management Capabilities (AdWeek)
Salesforce has agreed to acquire Krux, a data-management startup that will help boost Salesforce’s cross-device marketing and advertising analytics capabilities. Krux will allow Salesforce to extend its audience segmentation and targeting for brands.

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