Street Fight Daily: YP Names New CEO, Uber Offers Self-Driving Car Rides for Free

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Ex-Cox Exec Jared Rowe Named YP CEO (Atlanta Business Chronicle)
Former Cox Automotive Media Solutions Group President Jared Rowe joined as its CEO. He takes the reins at YP (Yellow Pages) on Sept. 1. He replaces David Krantz, who led YP since its spin-off from AT&T in 2012. Krantz will as a strategic advisor to YP.

Give Placed Your Location, and the Company Will Give You Frequent Flyer Miles (Street Fight)
Location analytics firm Placed today is launching a new app that allows consumers to share their location data in exchange for frequent flyer miles. The Frequent Flyer app, with its explicit value exchange for consumers, has the potential to show how effective mobile ads can be in driving in-store purchases.

Travis Kalanick on Uber’s Bet on Self-Driving Cars: ‘I Can’t Be Wrong’ (Business Insider)
On Thursday, Uber took a step into the future when it announced that Pittsburgh riders will be able to take free rides later this month in the self-driving cars that it’s been developing. Riders will request a car as usual, but the one that shows up may just drive itself, albeit with two highly trained engineers in the front seat.

The New York Times Shutters NYT Now App (Poynter)
Launched in early 2014, NYT Now was heralded as an attempt to capture and monetize a rapidly growing audience on smartphones. In the spring of 2015, NYT Now transitioned to a paid model. Now, the app will go dark at the end of the month.

Case Study: Harley-Davidson Dealers Push to Grow Mobile Database (Street Fight)
When marketers discuss the effectiveness of email and SMS campaigns, the size of a company’s customer database can play just as significant a role in the success or failure of a given campaign. That was one of the challenges faced by Calculated Risk Motorcycle Group, a management company for six Harley-Davidson dealerships.

Why Programmatic Players Need Multiple Location Analytics Partners (GeoMarketing)
David Kaplan: The demand for offline, in-store attribution has fueled a fairly constant pace of alliances between demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, and adexchange operators of all stripes with location business services companies.

Death to the Survey: How to Turn Customer Feedback Into a Brand Experience (AdAge)
Collecting customer feedback is a brand interaction. As with any designed interaction, there are ways to create value and ways to detract from it. Here are three ways brands can bump up the effectiveness of data collection.

Consumers Prefer SMS for Loyalty Program Updates (eMarketer)
Nearly half of US internet users said they prefer receiving loyalty-related messages via SMS, March 2016 research found. Yet less than a quarter of US brand marketers use SMS for their loyalty program, that same study revealed.

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