Street Fight Daily: Twitter Integrates with Yelp, Facebook’s Geotargeting Capabilities

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Twitter Integrates with Yelp for Location Tags in the UK and Japan, Bypassing Foursquare (TechCrunch)
A year ago, Twitter ramped up its game in location services when it announced an integration with Foursquare to provide venue suggestions. That deal seems to have applied only to the U.S., and now that Twitter’s expanding the service, it has partnered with one of Foursquare’s big competitors, Yelp, to power it.

How a Senator Used Facebook Ads to Influence Employees in a Single D.C. Building (Fusion)
For a glimpse into just how precise Facebook ad targeting is getting, look to Washington, D.C. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has been trying for years to convince the Department of the Interior to allow her state to build a 11-mile road through a wildlife refuge, and she recently targeted them — and only them — with a video ad on Facebook.

Why Top Newspaper Groups Are Pitching New ‘Solutions’ to the Ad Market (Part 1) (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: The top four newspaper groups in the country — Gannett, Tribune Publishing, McClatchy, and Hearst — have formed a national network called Nucleus Marketing Solutions. Street Fight recently spoke with NMS’s CEO Seth Rogin about the push-pull dynamics involved in creating and monetizing quality journalism online.

The Road to Self-Driving Cars Winds Through Here (Crain’s Chicago)
A look at the company Here, which was acquired in December by Audi, BMW, and Daimler and is pushing beyond its old boundaries of digital mapping into cloud computing and big data. The company has also reportedly been talking with Amazon about strategic investment.

How Facebook Helps Small Businesses Stay Relevant on Mobile (Street Fight)
In a presentation at LOCALCON in London last week, Facebook’s product marketing manager for SMBs, Joe Devoy, took the stage to talk about how the company thinks about serving small businesses. The speech reflected the company’s broader strategy: build so many everyday functions into the Facebook mobile app that no one ever really has to leave it.

Uber Has Become the Symbol of Everything Right and Wrong with Silicon Valley Today (Business Insider)
If Uber someday turns into a highly successful company with a massive market cap, then this “unicorn” era of billion-dollar startups will turn out to be, on balance, a win. If Uber collapses under the weight of mounting losses, then the last eight years of venture funding will have been revealed to be a colossal waste and exercise in mass delusion.

5 Hyperlocal Q&A Services That Connect Merchants to Customers (Street Fight)
Most merchants think they’re reaching a targeted demographic when they advertise on neighborhood blogs or run geofencing campaigns, but a new type of hyperlocal marketing platform is taking consumer targeting one step further and giving merchants an organic way to connect with consumers who are primed and ready to convert.

What Google’s Coming Travel Assistant App Could Mean for Local Listings (GeoMarketing)
Despite a lack of details, local marketing and search observers expect a new travel assistance app from Google to have a clear impact on businesses in the hospitality space, and implications for businesses that cater to local visitors as well.

All On-Demand Models Are Not Created Equally (TechCrunch)
Joe Medved: While convenience attracts the consumer, successful on-demand startups must generate technical leverage to unlock additional value in the cost structure.

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