Street Fight Daily: Yelp Data Now Available to Marketers, Ads Coming to Facebook Messenger

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Yelp Agrees to License Its Data to Sprinklr, All the Better for Marketers to Understand Their Consumers (AdAge)
Yelp has agreed to license data and reviews to Sprinklr, a company that helps marketers track what consumers say about them on digital platforms. Yelp senior VP Chad Richard said the partnership is the first the review site has done in the space. “One of the big things we are hearing from our customers is that they want to track data by location and regions,” he said.

Facebook Plans to Put Ads in Messenger (TechCrunch)
A leaked document Facebook sent to some of its biggest advertisers reveals that businesses will soon be able to send ads as messages to people who previously initiated a chat thread with that company.

Street Culture: DoorDash Aiming to Constantly Improve Both Product and People (Street Fight)
Translating the desire to support business owners with successful on-demand functionality relies heavily on DoorDash’s 200 core employees. In 2015, the company expanded from three markets to 22, and CEO Tony Xu says he expects the company to double in size in 2016.

Yahoo Warns of Industry-Wide ‘Pause’ in Mobile Growth for 2016 (VentureBeat)
Simon Khalaf, Yahoo’s SVP of publishing products, warned developers of a slowdown in the mobile space in a recent speech. According to Khalaf, 2016 will be “a year of pause and reflection — the end of mobile 1.0,” followed by mobile revolutions in 2017 in hardware, media, messaging, and local markets: “We got global right, but local wrong.”

Location Data Management 101: Seeing the Bigger Picture (Street Fight)
Gib Olander: Many brands make the mistake of viewing location data as nothing more than plumbing for their local listings — or a component of a listing management strategy. But location data management is much bigger than listing management and data syndication.

4 Questions Publishers Still Have About AMP, Google’s Fast-Loading Mobile Initiative (Digiday)
Google is just days away from launching Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), but there are still unanswered questions about the mobile initiative for publishers. Some of the main concerns are monetization, whether the speed advantage will make up for the loss of advertising per page, and video capabilities.

After the Unicorn Carnage, Does Digital Disruption Take a Holiday? Not a Chance (Forrester)
Ted Schadler: Digital disruption is not simply innovative companies creating new value, it’s a joint venture between innovators and empowered customers. Devaluation simply lessens the disruption force. The strongest digital disrupters will continue to storm your gates, steal your customers, commoditize your value, undermine your channel economics, and empower your customers to arbitrage your services.

Ad Blocking and Tackling: What 2015’s Ad Blocking Means for 2016’s Marketing (Gigaom)
The cost of ad blocking is significant, with an estimated $781 million dollar loss for the industry. But another resonating impact of the Great Ad Rebellion of 2015 will be found in its influence on marketing investments. What will marketers do differently to navigate the digital/mobile landscape in 2016?

Why You Should Learn to Lean Out (Medium)
Mark Josephson: It’s all too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day minutiae, only to wake up one morning and find we lost sight of the most important things. When you don’t lean out, you tend lose focus on how the market is changing. I really learned about the importance of leaning out from my experience at AOL and the much-discussed hyperlocal media business Patch.

LBMA Podcast: Amazon, the Grammys, Parkhub, and Euclid Analytics (Street Fight)
On the show: Gemalto launches LinqUs IoT platform; KeyDuino means fist-bumping your car to unlock it; MicroChippy and Bubbledogs create a pop-up Canine Cafe; ParkHub and Verifone parked cars at SuperBowl 50; Verve launches self-serve location platform for SMBs.

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