LBMA Podcast: Google Unveils Shopping Insights, Uniqlo Monitors Shoppers’ Brainwaves with UMood

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: Google unveils Shopping Insights tool; Uniqlo’s UMood monitors shoppers’ brainwaves to help them pick the perfect t-shirt; Zikit’s “Now or Never” coupons; paying with sounds; Short Edition short story vending machine; Unmapped; Pixie tags; GPS-based metering in New York City; Member news from UNICEF + Target; and MapQuest; plus Gimbal/immr whitepaper on beacons and the future of OOH.

Top Stories of the Week:

1. Zikit’s “Now or Never” coupons (Israel) 11:01
2. Soundpays (Toronto) 15:57
3. Short Edition – vending machine for short stories 20:45
4. Unmapped (Montreal) 23:18
5. Get Pixie 27:35

Resource: Gimbal/immr whitepaper – Watch This Space – Mobile, Beacons and Out-of-Home 32:22

LBMA Member News:

1. Google releases Shopping Insights tool 35:16
2. UNICEF Kid Power band with Target 36:58
3. Uniqlo’s UMood 39:16
4. New York City to test GPS-based metering system 41:28
5. MapQuest launches refresh 43:07