5 Programmatic Ad Buying Platforms for SMBs

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic display advertising ad revenues totaled $10.1 billion last year, according the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and not all of that money came from the big guys. Small and medium-sized businesses have started jumping into programmatic as well, purchasing digital inventory through automated technology and utilizing real-time bidding to buy impressions based on a combination of user, website, and other campaign factors.

Although programmatic buying has a reputation for being expensive, technically complex, and geared toward large-scale advertisers buying high volumes of impressions, more vendors are developing programmatic solutions aimed directly at the SMB market. These platforms give smaller advertisers the ability to plan, buy, and target digital ads in real-time, with simplified interfaces and few barriers to entry. Here are five of those solutions.

1. ReTargeter: Self-optimizing audience retargeting and real-time advertising
Acting as an umbrella network, ReTargeter is a full-service provider for small business advertisers. It plugs into multiple exchanges — including DoubleClick, OpenX, and Rubicon, among others — for clients. Using this “self-optimizing audience retargeting” platform, SMBs have access to geographic and demographic targeting. They can also take advantage of site-based, Facebook, and audience retargeting. ReTargeter says it provides an attentive support team to guide SMBs through the programmatic buying process. ReTargeter’s minimum pricing is $500 per month.

2. PocketMath: A self-serve platform for programmatic mobile
PocketMath is a self-serve, mobile demand-side platform (DSP) that provides programmatic real-time bidding tools for small business advertisers. The platform is designed for hands-on business owners who want more control over their programmatic campaigns, with the ability to make changes and optimize their campaigns in real-time. Businesses that use PocketMath handle their own ad creative and optimization. Retargeting and location-based services are also available. PocketMath connects to more than 20 ad exchange partners. Businesses have no minimum ad spending requirement when they use the platform.

3. Admedo: Automatic optimization for advertisers with no programmatic experience
Small and medium-size advertisers can use Admedo to quickly create and deploy in-house campaigns. The company’s programmatic advertising platform was designed for SMBs with little or no experience with programmatic display advertising. Within hours, businesses that sign up with Admedo can start reaching targeted audiences in real-time, the company says. Admedo offers a full-stack programmatic solution, with a DSP that features a straightforward user interface and dynamic creative that auto-generates and optimizes in real time. Admedo uses a multi-tiered pricing model.

4. Visibl: Self-serve programmatic video ads
A self-serve programmatic platform, Visibl allows local merchants to run targeted video ad campaigns on major websites like Pandora, CNN, and the New York Times. Visibl integrates with dozens of ad networks, including Google, Facebook, AppNexus, and BrightRoll. Through the company’s web application, merchants can also access data from Experian and BlueKai to find optimal audience segments. Visibl says it’s “democratizing video advertising” by providing even the smallest businesses with the same reach as major advertisers. Costs for Visibl start at $50.

5. Zypmedia: Programmatic buying for local media
Formerly known as ExtendTV, Zypmedia is a programmatic media buying platform for local advertising. The platform was built on high-frequency trading principles and developed to optimize the performance and delivery of local advertising campaigns. Zypmedia analyzes all available impressions and data sources to identify high-targeted local audiences. Local businesses can then find their target customers on brand-name publisher websites and mobile apps. Zypmedia’s product offering includes video and display advertising across desktop, mobile, and TV apps. Businesses can contact Zypmedia for specific pricing information.

Know of other programmatic solutions for small businesses? Leave a description in the comments.

Stephanie Miles is a senior editor at Street Fight.

  1. ADMedia
    April 14, 2016

    With FRANK you can set up an programmatic display banner campaign in just minutes http://startfrank.com

    1. ivarkr
      April 14, 2016

      I have also used Frank and find it helpful!

  2. http://adtrex.net is easy to use self-serve programmatic platform. Plenty of targeting options, desktop and mobile formats.

  3. Jonathan Stemmler
    July 11, 2016

    ProgMechs, http://www.progmechs.com, has built a self-service tool specifically for Performance Display Prospecting campaigns dubbed “Pontiac.” This is currently in Alpha.

    We also have a very talented trading team which works with in-house teams in two capacities on CPA campaigns and more difficult to execute to high-maintanence campaigns.

  4. Chad
    October 28, 2016

    Centro, http://www.centro.net, is a great company to work with. They combine media buying services and programmatic media buying software to help you with exactly what you need. They should definitely be considered.

    February 21, 2017

    And now, there is also a platform dedicated to press advertising : http://www.adintime.com
    That’s simple and clear, moreover the negotiation is free !

  6. Val Mbayen
    April 6, 2017

    Media buying opens amazing opportunities to the small business world in today’s digital environment. This article shows that technology is adapting to the needs of small businesses. Still it remains a complex topic that requires precise knowledge and understanding for the business owners or who ever wants to use it to take full advantage the power of media buying. Here’s a free report that gives enough information on that wonderful tool: http://www.allaboutonlinemarketing.com/MediaBuying/index.html , enough info to get going and avoid potential costly pitfalls. It’s a great resource for anyone-and especially small business owners- who want to know more about media buying and its enormous benefits.

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