Street Fight Daily: Google’s iBeacon Competitor, Wi-Fi Proximity Program Launches

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Google Launches Eddystone, Its Platform-Agnostic iBeacon Competitor (The Next Web)
With Eddystone, Google is hoping that developers will be able to build even more contextual apps. For example, a user’s phone might provide transit times when they are at their local bus stop, or bring up an event ticket barcode when they’ve arrived at the venue.

This New Wi-Fi Tech Uses Proximity to End Waiting in Long Lines (ReadWrite)
The Wi-Fi Alliance announced a new program that lets wireless devices discover each other, communicate, and share information directly. Think of it like proximity technology, but one that doesn’t rely on GPS or your actual physical location — only where your phone is in relation to another Wi-Fi Aware device.

Small Businesses Aren’t Afraid of Amazon — And You Shouldn’t Be Either (Street Fight)
Dax Dasilva: Yes, Amazon is a giant. But as long as you continue to innovate and keep your hand on the pulse of independent business needs, it’s not going to kill your business. Here’s why.

Like Google, Yahoo Wants to Reinvent Search Without the Search Bar (Ad Age)
As web search improved on the need to pull out a phone book or go to the library to look up information, personal assistant apps like Yahoo’s Smart Stream aim to improve on the ability to predict what information you want to look up, harnessing a phone’s location history, app usage patterns, and search history.

Billy Penn Grows Up (Medium)
Jim Brady: All our traffic comes from our home stream or articles we’ve written. We’re not serving up ads to readers who are blowing through a slideshow. We’re not reloading ads for readers who aren’t there. We want to make sure that, when someone is on Billy Penn the content and the ads are there to be seen, not just tallied.

The Next Generation Of Retail Is Here: Three Major Myths Debunked (Forbes)
This era of digital change brings promising opportunities for the future of customer engagement, but big questions remain. As online and mobile continue to grow and acquire a larger retail share, will physical stores become a part of the past? In an era of automation, do digital-driven shoppers even care about customer service?

10 Local Digital Agencies You Should Know About (Street Fight)
Although nearly half (49%) of franchise SMBs have been partnered with a digital agency for two or more years, independent merchants are just getting in on the action. Here are 10 digital agencies that businesses are using right now.

Crisp Media Partners With Reader’s Digest Recipe-Finder to Geo-Target Native Ads (GeoMarketing)
The recipes collected across Reader’s Digest cooking advice site Taste of Home will help deliver the mobile ads provided by Crisp Media to connect consumer packaged goods marketers and physical retailers with consumers.

IdeaPlaces Allows Users to Create Their Own Personalized Maps (Techvibes)
Montreal startup IdeaPlaces is about more than just linking a note to place on a map. The iOS app allows users to directly and automatically incorporate notes, video, and auto recordings onto maps.

Meet Miip, the Ad Monkey in Your App (New York Times)
InMobi has developed Miip, an animated monkey character that follows you from app to app, watches what you’re doing and suggests products that you might want to buy.

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