Street Fight Daily: Snapchat Capitalizes on Local, Uber Nabs Ex-Google Maps Chief

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Snapchat Turns Geofilter Digital Stickers Into Revenue Source (LA Times)
Snapchat is hoping to turn its location-centric digital stickers into its second source of revenue by enticing businesses to make their own geofilters — for a fee. On Monday, McDonald’s became the first to sponsor a geofilter; companies with big advertising budgets, whether fast-food chains, theaters or retailers, will be the initial focus.

Small Biz and Big Tech: How to Connect Local Merchants With Today’s Ad Technology (Street Fight)
Lara Mehanna: You can’t love what you don’t understand and the same holds true at every level of strategy – from local to global. We already know geo-targeted advertising campaigns equal success; it’s only a matter of jumping the hurdle of understanding before local businesses know it too.

Uber’s Ambitions Grow as It Hires Google’s Former Mapping Boss (Skift)
Brian McClendon will lead Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center, the company said on Tuesday. The hiring of McClendon, who headed Google Maps and Google Earth, highlights Uber’s efforts to develop its own technology related to maps, navigation and transport.

#SFSW15 VIDEO: 3 Companies That Are Rethinking Brick-and-Mortar Business (Street Fight)
The web is not a just a place for offline business to wrangle consumers anymore. Increasingly, technology is changing the way we actually build businesses in the real world. Representatives from a trio of companies that are revolutionizing the way their industries do business in the physical marketplace came together at Street Fight Summit West earlier this month to share their success stories.

Starbucks Mobile Ordering Expands To 21 More States, Now Live In Over 4,000 Stores (TechCrunch)
After launching a successful pilot program in Portland, Starbucks has announced the expansion of its “Mobile Order & Pay” system to 21 more states. The feature allows customers to place their order and pay using the Starbucks mobile app, then skip the line when they arrive at the store, as their drink or other item is already being made.

Old-School Payments Company Unveils New-School Device That Accepts Apple Pay and More (Recode)
First Data is debuting a seven-inch tablet dubbed the Clover Mini that businesses can use to accept any type of payment method you can envision, from traditional credit cards, to the new chip-embedded cards that will become mainstream over the next year, to mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and more.

The Makers of Tidal Are Now Creating a Proximity Network, Connecting Location Data to Online Ads (Fast Company)
Unacast, a Norwegian company, connects online and offline data in ways that have not been previously achieved. According to its founders, the startup is already the world’s largest network of proximity data, managing a network of proximity service providers and operating a platform that allows online retargeting based on offline behavior gathered from this network.

Report: Amazon Is Developing an Uber-Style Service for Package Delivery (Gizmodo)
In its ongoing effort to get packages to consumers as quickly as possible, Amazon may soon employ an Uber-like app that uses ordinary people as delivery drivers. The plan is known as “On My Way” and would involve using urban retail stores as pseudo-distribution centers.

Cleaning and Home Services Startup Handy Hits One Million Bookings (Recode)
Handy, the booking tool for cleaning and other home services, just hit one million in bookings. The company says that half of those bookings came in the last seven months, and 80 percent of the company’s bookings come from repeat customers.

Now You Can Get Driving Directions From the Terminator, Thanks to Waze-Paramount Partnership (Adweek)
For the next three weeks, drivers who use the navigation device Waze can get directions from the voice of the Terminator in a cross-promotion for the upcoming Terminator Genisys. Arnold Schwarzenegger gets into character to offer traffic tips, and once the new movie opens, red-eyed Endoskulls will appear on screen to mark nearby theaters.

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